Cait Flanders on simple money and mindful budgeting – SHP022

Cait Flanders on simple money and mindful budgeting

One of the biggest obstacles many people face when trying to create a slower, simpler life is debt. We want to slow down. We want to leave the rat race behind. But we have this monkey on our backs, and turns out she can be pretty freaking heavy.

It might be student debt. Car loans. Credit cards. Old consolidation debts. A combination of all, or something else altogether. Regardless, having these debts, particularly when we struggle to service them, is a huge weight and a massive impediment to slowing down and making intentional choices in life.

I’ve had enough financial hits and misses in my life to know I am not the go-to person to talk about simplifying and money. But my guest today, Cait Flanders, absolutely is.

I’ve always loved Cait’s honest, in-depth approach to telling her own story so I knew she’d be awesome to chat with.

Over the past 3 years Cait has paid off over $30,000 in consumer debt, adopted minimalism (you’ll find these two are very closely related!) travelled extensively, continued to save significantly for her retirement, and recently quit her full-time job to work as a freelancer.

She’s also completely shifted her ideas on what ‘success’ looks like, put herself on a two-year shopping ban and learnt to value experiences over things, slow over fast and long-term gain over short-term pleasure.

Cait’s got both inspiration and practical advice galore, and I think you’ll walk away from today’s episode feeling motivated to get rid of that monkey once and for all.



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You’ll Hear About:

  • How tracking her spending made a huge difference in how Cait approached paying off debt
  • Why trusting your gut and using common sense are two of the most overlooked pieces of advice when making big changes
  • Why Cait opted to put more than 55% of her income towards debt repayment during the process of getting out of debt
  • What happened once she’d gotten out of debt (read: lifestyle inflation!)
  • How Cait learnt to find happiness outside her purchases and belongings
  • The lessons she learnt about convenience and the price we pay for it
  • Her approach to slow living now that she is self-employed.

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10 Responses to Cait Flanders on simple money and mindful budgeting – SHP022

    • It’s such an awesome story isn’t it? And I get the warm and fuzzies seeing people find the problem, work out how to solve it, then actually work to solve it. So inspiring.

  1. Great interview! The biggest thing that helped us was YNAB (You Need A Budget). It’s best use is for keeping couples on the same page. I’d recommend that anyone who’s interested in it really watch the information they have and check out their forums. It’s the best $60 I’ve ever spent. My wife and I had a lot of frank discussions when we started but now all of our spending is so directed. Every single dollar we have is budgeted towards something. Helped us get 25k of student loan debt in 3 years.

  2. Really great episode. Inspired to keep on track. And I am seriously enjoying your podcast. You and your hubby are super cute together! : )

    • Thanks Theresa, Cait is such an amazing guest. Love to hear you’re enjoying the show too. We have too much fun putting it together to stop, but it’s ace to hear others are getting a lot from it too. :)

  3. I’m a few weeks behind in my Slow Home Podcasts but this one helped lead me to an epiphany. Even though my epiphany was not finance related, it still occurred while listening to this podcast, in particular the chat about the friend who deleted Facebook every Friday. I’ve known for a while that I spend too much time playing a particular game on my phone. I didn’t like that I did it, but I also couldn’t stop (I’ve invested so much time in it!). But this podcast, plus a beautiful weekend spent outside listening to music at a folk festival with no/limited phone reception, helped me realise I want to realign my priorities and choose activities I enjoy to be busy with. Ca it’s discussions around being busy, but also slow, also were a great help. Thanks Brooke and Cait!