Welcome to the great experiment of 2018

A belated Happy New Year to you and yours, my friends. I hope the holidays were good to you (as forever ago as they may feel) and that 2018 is off to a great start. We’re coming at you from the amazing Rocky Mountains in Canada, just over a week in to our year-long experiment, and in today’s poggie, the first new episode, we talk about the past couple of months and all they’ve entailed. Since December, we’ve sold our house in the Blue Mountains, given away the vast majority of our belongings, packed up all that was left, said goodbye to family and friends, and flown off to the great unknown. And even as I write those words it seems surreal. As though I’m still imagining those things rather than living them. In this poggie Ben and I go deep in to everything that’s happened over the past couple of months since we last recorded. First we talk about the head, heart and hard work that went into selling our house, moving out, saying goodbye and getting on that plane. The amount of energy and emotion involved caught us by surprise, and at times Ben found himself in a really stressful place, potentially taking tilting a little too far. We talk about the role that planning and organisation played in getting through that stress relatively unscathed, and the fact that so often we overlook the importance of the unsexy administrative and logistical work in living a slower simpler life, instead favouring the big, showy changes. We also talk about the specifics of what went down during January, including our garage giveaway, having a super slow New Year’s Eve, the emotions involved with leaving our house (specifically the garden) for the final time, packing and the difficulty of saying goodbye (especially to our dog). It’s been a big few weeks, with some really big emotions, but never once have we questioned whether we were doing the right thing or not. Two days in to our big adventure and we really are living in the unknown, doing the experiment. And speaking of experiments, as we mentioned at the end of last year, the slow experiments are back! They’ll be happening every second month, and the first one will kick off in March, so stay tuned. In the meantime though, thank you for your patience as we took some time to settle in to our new situation, and for the wonderful support you’ve given us this year already. I’m so excited to share our discoveries, mistakes and realisations with you over the coming months, but also wanted to assure you that the poggie is not going to become The Slow Travel Podcast! Starting next week we’ll be back on deck with some great interviews with people who have embraced a slower, simpler way of life.


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7 Responses to Welcome to the great experiment of 2018

  1. What a wonderful episode! It was so interesting to hear all your thoughts on the past couple of months and the processes you went through – thank you for sharing.

    I teared up when you spoke of all the happiness that came from the free garage sale. How lovely. :-)

    I’m looking forward to the monthly experiments and it will be great to hear from both you and other listeners, to get a sense of their experiences too.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Goodbye’s are always challenging. We are in a hard spot as we are trying to make decisions about whether we should give our cat away (we travel often and I feel that it is so unfair to leave her by herself for lengths of time), but of course, our kids tear up every time we mention it.
    Looking forward to your monthly slow experiments :)

  3. Last fall I sold my house and gave away most of my stuff in anticipation of a similar wander this year. I found deciding what to do with each item – give away, store, throw out- was much more stressful than packing for a straight move.

    I hope you will share how often you anticipate changing locations and how much planning ahead you have done. I am struggling with a strong need to map the whole year.


  4. I really enjoyed this episode. Real human beings talking about real human emotion. You didn’t sugar coat it or play it off like the move was a breeze and I fully respect that.

    I’ve been wanting to make a change with my career for years, but have always held back. I’ve read far too many blogs and books about changing being easy, and it’s not.

    Thank you for not trying to hide what you’ve voluntarily gone through as if, just because you’ve decided on a plan, the plan still can have ups and downs. It can still be difficult. It’s not just “fate” and everything slotted into place. I really needed to hear this episode.

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