So how does a Slow book tour actually work?

Krzysztof Niewolny Welcome to this week’s episode – a catch up on all things travel now that the US leg of the Slow book tour is over. We’ve received so many questions about the logistics of our trip over the past few months, so today we dive into them all, talking the how, where and why of our time away so far. First up we talk about how we managed to do the tour – the decisions we made and steps we took in order to pack up our lives in Australia and hit the road. We then go into the nitty gritty of accommodation and planning, including a sweet hack for longer stays in Airbnbs or VRBOs and the benefits of spending more time in a home-like environment when travelling with kids. We talk about the difference between the first half of their trip and the book tour, and also why we decided (after a test run of the #vanlife in the Yukon) not to go down the campervan/caravan route. Then it’s onto how we came up with our itinerary, the decisions made around food (i.e. not to stress about it) to make our lives easier and how we’ve structured our days. We spend time admiring the resilience of our kids, and talk about the power of expectations and how we managed them throughout the trip: the highs, the lows, and the things we’d do differently next time. Ben finishes up by sharing some touching words, and I share my advice for people wanting to travel with their families: just do it. We’d love to hear your thoughts, especially if you’ve travelled with kids or plan to in the future. Be sure to get involved in the conversation on Instagram, and use the #slowhomepod so we can see what you’re sharing.


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