Jules Clancy on (fast) slow food – SHP027

(Fast) Slow Food with Jules Clancy - SHP027

Is there such a thing as fast slow food? Today’s guest, Jules Clancy of The Stone Soup believes there is, and she’s made it her mission to create and share recipes that are healthy, tasty, fast, easy and have just 5 ingredients.

Jules and I talk about how to create simple, easy meals, but we also look at the impact minimalism has had on her life, beyond the culinary simplicity she practices. We dig in to her love of experimentation and how decluttering lead to quitting her job and leaving the corporate world.

As the mum of a toddler, Jules also has some excellent insight into dealing with the dreaded fussy eating stage and gives tips on how to avoid the whole ‘make two dinners every night’ issue. She also talks about meal planning, getting the most out of your time in the kitchen and what staples she always has on hand – for those nights it’s really too hard to cook.

I absolutely loved this conversation (despite the horrible delay we had to contend with – please excuse any crappy audio!) and came away re-energised to try new things in the kitchen and put in an extra 30 minutes prep time on a Sunday to set ourselves up well for the week ahead.

Actually, as I write this, there are stacks of glass containers in the fridge, full of chopped veggies, cooked rice and quinoa, a lentil chilli and spaghetti bolognese – all inspired by the delightful Jules. Here’s hoping you’re just as inspired!


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In This Episode You’ll Hear About:

    • The impact years of boarding school food had on Jules’ appreciation for good food
    • How Leo Babauta and his blog, Zen Habits, influenced Jules to simplify not only her food, but her home and her life too
    • Why Jules works to keep her recipes to 5 ingredients and the Italian proverb that inspired it
    • How decluttering lead to her quitting the corporate world and pursuing a career in food
    • How minimalism provided the financial freedom to make the leap
    • The power and joy of experimentation – both in the kitchen and in life
    • What staples Jules always has on-hand, for those nights that are just way too hard too cook
    • Fermented foods and why there’s always some on the table in Jules’ house
    • The key factors in having a simple, successful food week (HINT: It’s in the preparation)
    • How to find little pockets of time during the day to make meal time much easier
    • Jules’ approach to meal planning and why it’s changed over the years
  • Her easy-as lentil risotto – ready in 15 minutes.

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4 Responses to Jules Clancy on (fast) slow food – SHP027

  1. Really enjoyed this episode! So true that too many ingredients mask a flavour rather than let it shine! We’ve been lucky to have really gorgeous tomatoes in our garden this year and just a thimble-full of olive oil and some salt’n’pepper have let the tomatoes do the talking. Big food companies hide bad ingredients with flavour enhancers. We’re better off with fewer ingredients of better quality. That applies to all areas of life I suppose!

  2. On toddlers and fermented veggies – don’t assume the toddlers won’t eat it! I giggled when Jules said “of course” her son doesn’t touch the fermented veggies. My son (now 6y) will only occasionally eat a pickle or a pickled carrot (lacto fermented), but my daughters (3.5y and 16m) both try to eat sauerkraut for a meal instead of as a condiment [no dear, you need to eat your eggs too]. Keep trying!

    And it’s completely normal for kids to start resisting foods around 2. Some women wrote an interesting book about the necessary nutrition at each childhood stage and the parental challenges of that stage. 2 yr olds are grasping for some independence and are starting to recognize things that are out of the ordinary and food is an easy fight. I was happy with at least 1 proper meal a day when my kids, especially my “spirited” son, were that age. And I’m trying to introduce as much as possible to the little one who is quickly approaching that age!

  3. Hi Brooke – listened to your interview with Jules this morning. It was awesome! Really enjoyed your conversation. I have been trying to look up her website but something is wrong with the link to the Stone Soup. Are you able to investigate?
    Thank you!