Finding time for slow living – SHP028

Finding time for slow living - SHP028

Time for another hostful episode of the pogpast (ha!) and today Ben and I are answering two really excellent listener questions:

    1. I’m a stay home mum of an 8 year old & 2 year old. I struggle with school demands, our small farm & hubby working 50 hour weeks & always feeling exhausted. Any advice on looking after myself while still meeting the other demands on my time? (Ailsa via Facebook)
  1. When I’m by myself in nature and spending a lot of time meditating and reading I find it very easy to have a slow life, but when I talk to friends a lot of times they want to share more stimulating, expensive and busy social events. I’ve been able to initiate some mindful events like starting a meditation group and inviting friends over for dinner at my home instead of eating out but still I find it hard to “go against the grain” of mainstream culture and find people who are more interested in living a simple, mindful life. What recommendations do you have for building a slow living social network? How do you work with friends who aren’t interested in the same type of lifestyle? (Travis via Facebook)

See? Told you they were cracking questions!

Ben and I go back and forth a lot with both questions, as neither of them has a clear, black and white answer. Like so much of slow and simple living, it’s about what works for you rather than what works for ‘everyone’ (whoever the hell ‘everyone’ is).

I’m also loathe to give a one size fits all answer, because they’re so dissatisfying to me. I love that there’s more than one way to approach these issues and endlessly differing points of view.

We also chat about my health briefly (thankfully it’s improving!) and the new way you can support the show.


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6 Responses to Finding time for slow living – SHP028

  1. Thanks for this podcast Brooke and Ben. I have never been a morning person but after hearing you talk about getting up early on one of your other podcasts, I’ve been giving it a go. Getting up at around 5am is giving me some time for myself before my kids wake up. And I’m LOVING it. I use the time for meditation, to get through some admin and to set my ‘actions’ for the day. It’s helping me start the day calmer and ‘ready’ for what’s ahead. So thank you for the suggestion. I highly recommend it to others who listen to you!

  2. You and Ben are a great team, and I love the honesty throughout your podcasts, including your little one’s in the background.

    I’ve been looking in to simple living for around two years now, and I still have lots to learn, and this is where your podcasts help. Very informative and very insightful.

    Keep up the great work and I hope you’re now feeling better Brooke.

    Thanks for sharing your experiences.

  3. Hi Brooke & Ben, loved this hostful as always! Thanks for the great advice!

    I have a question for you: I know you stopped your jewelry business to slow down. I know you loved it so much you started this blog. And I know you were so successful (blog + pogpast + The Bloom + courses) that it became overwhelming so you decided to slow down again.

    This is similar to my story: I quit my fulltime deskjob & my design business I was running on weekends. I wanted to slow down and knew nature was my answer. I am now volunteering 3 days a week in an organic garden, learning about permaculture. I also started a herbalism course (2days a week). And I am also following an online gardening course, which requires me to spend even more time in the garden each week. It’s all nature, it’s all stuff I love, yet my life is nowhere near slow. This keeps happening to me: I make a switch to slow down. All goes well for a while, but then, somehow, I manage to overfill my life again.

    It seems like you too struggle with this and I was wondering if you have any tricks to keep yourself from taking on to much. Or do you think this is a personality trait and a life long struggle?

    Keep up the good work guys, despite the busy schedule I listen to your podcast on a weekly base :)

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