Small changes and green smoothies with Jen Hansard

Jen Hansard on small changes and green smoothies Sometimes I’ll have a conversation with a guest that leaves me feeling like I’ve spent an hour chatting with a friend, and today’s episode with Jen Hansard – half of the dynamic Simple Green Smoothies duo – is one of them. Jen and I talk about Simple Green Smoothies and their brand new book (out this week!) but we also talk about the health crises that started it all. Like a lot of us, Jen was addicted to coffee and getting by on a diet high in processed food. Her energy was flagging and she found herself and family constantly sick. It wasn’t until she was forced to make huge changes to her family’s diet that she really recognised the impact food was having on her health and well being. The Simple Green Smoothies movement grew from there and now the girls are rockstars of wellness. We also talk about balance and being realistic in the changes we make, why there’s always room for Pizza Fridays, the importance of community and Jen’s favourite smoothie recipe. I also share my non-recipe for a go-to breakfast smoothie that looks disgusting but tastes amazing. (And now I’m hungry.)


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5 Responses to Small changes and green smoothies with Jen Hansard

  1. Thanks very much for this interview. I’ve listened to it twice. I can relate to the tiredness that comes with having to keep going when you have little ones.
    Great motivator..I just bought spinach leaves for my smoothie tomorrow.

  2. Hi Brooke and Ben!

    I have been such a fan of the podcast from the beginning, and I’m finally sitting down to send all of my love for it to you. I love its informal style, Brooke’s great questions and calm interviewing, and the content is fantastic. Thanks so much for putting it out into the world! (And I just finished a green smoothie, by the way!)

    I would love to support the show through Patreon with a one-time donation, but there doesn’t seem to be a way to do that on the site. Would I have to enter the amount I’d like to donate as a monthly amount and then cancel after the first one? Thanks!

    Also, Brooke, you mentioned awhile back that people are interested in ‘regular’ full-time working guests. I completely agree! Although I love the guests you have on, and I’m sure it would be trickier to dredge up non-internet-based people, it’s always particularly helpful to hear how people make meaningful everyday life work around their day job hours. If you want to get the ball rolling with a voice from Atlantic Canada (if you’ve only been out West, you need to visit the East coast!) I’d be a willing guest! ;)

    Take care, and thanks again for the great podcast – it makes my work drives so much more pleasant!