Playing it safe with Mark Shapiro

Playing it safe with Mark Shapiro - SHP037

Mark Shapiro is a big fan of authenticity. In fact, he quit his job in television earlier this year to spend time teaching people how to live an authentic life.

And what he’s discovered is that we humans play it safe. We stick very closely to whatever it is we “should” be doing, even if it means ignoring the truth of who we are and what would make us happy. As I’ve learned to slow down and simplify, I’ve also spent a huge amount extricating myself from these “shoulds” (with varying degrees of success) and coming to understand who I really am has been a huge part of that.

Mark and I chat really honestly about the obstacles and changes in our lives, the stories we tell ourselves and what happened when we realised the “all” we had worked so hard to have wasn’t actually going to make us happy. 

I walked away from this conversation with a completely new outlook on what it is to live authentically and after he edited it, Ben told me that this is one of his favourite shows of the year!

So I hope you enjoy it. x


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5 Responses to Playing it safe with Mark Shapiro

  1. Just heard your podcast and your monologues about “the story we tell ourself” there has approached an issue i’m thinking about lately, the transition i had made from minimalism at the beginning. then the understanding that the clear space from the minimalism opened a spot into Slow understanding and mindset. From slow by starting to hear the story inside, a shift into learning about Buddhism that has mastered the understanding of the stories and the self.
    What will be the next stage? Who knows, ether ill find myself as an orange monk or a cynical nihilism :-)