How to find your rhythm in 2016

How to find your rhythm - Episode 41 of The Slow Home Podcast

Welcome to 2016!

Hopefully you had a restful break over Christmas and New Year, and are ready to get back into the swing of things?

This time of year is always ripe with possibility and most of us will be doing some deep thinking on what we want 2016 to bring – both in terms of our priorities and any changes we want to make to our day-to-day lives. But maybe you’re struggling to get back into your rhythm, or perhaps your circumstances are different this year and you don’t know how to create a flow that works for you?

In today’s show Ben and I talk about rhythms and why this time of year is the perfect opportunity to hit the reset button, rethink our priorities and recalibrate our time.

For us, it’s super important to reset this year, as over the holidays we made some huge life decisions that are going to see pretty much everything change. We talk about what those decisions are and how we’re both feeling in the face of such massive shifts, as well as what some of the challenges might be.

We also acknowledge the fact that all these changes might not seem very ‘slow’ of us, and how we make it work within the framework of living a slower, more intentional life. This is actually something I’m asked about a lot and I’m slowly learning that my personality isn’t particularly inclined to slow living, but it certainly benefits from it. It might seem like a paradox but increasingly I’m finding that it works for me!

In other exciting news, on February 1st we start publishing two episodes of The Slow Home Podcast every week! One show will be hitting your ears every Monday and the regular show, as normal, on Thursdays. Monday’s shows are going to have a different format and we talk about that, our monthly experiments, what we’re trying first and how you can get involved.

In the meantime though, enjoy today’s episode! And let us know what changes you’re making in 2016 too – we’d love to hear about it.


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7 Responses to How to find your rhythm in 2016

  1. This was by far my favourite pogpast yet! I’m so excited for you and the changes you’re making. I’ve been thinking for a while that Ben should get rid of that 3 hour commute!! None of my business of course…. My husband quit his job a year ago and we haven’t looked back. We don’t see him re-entering the traditional workforce ever. (He is 43). His primary role is stay at home Dad (our girls are 6 and 9 so both at school), but he finished a degree in Computer Science recently so he dabbles in app writing. We are fortunate that our journey towards simple living of the past 10 years (when he first quit a job which was high stress) has meant that we don’t need 2 incomes to survive. We still live in the small home we bought when we first married and have no intention of leaving! We have no mortgage so that has freed us up to make alternative decisions like having Chris be at uni full time for the last 18 months of his degree and now to have him stay home. I had the opportunity to go full time in 2015 after 9 years of part time work and maternity leave, so we’ve gone with this unconventional approach. I’m very fortunate that as a research academic my work has flexibility, which means I don’t miss too many school events for example. I also travel a bit so last year the family came on 2 interstate and 1 overseas work trips with me. This year I’m taking advantage of my other perk – long service leave- and by taking most of it at half pay we’re taking a 4 month trip around Australia with the kids this winter. This is how we make working fit with our “slow” lifestyle. Ideally I’d like to work part time but this is how we’re tilting for now and it’s great. The girls love having Daddy home and I have meaningful and fulfilling work which allows me to prioritise my family.

  2. Loved this podcast! I’m a stay-at-home-mom and my husband works full time. He is working so hard to retire a little early. We are older parents 53/56 and have a 10 year old and 14 year old. So early retirement is a little more challenging but not impossible. We have an income generating side business but nothing like him working full time. So, I think the changes you are making are very exciting and encouraging! Can’t wait to hear more about how it goes. I’m taking Joshua Becker’s Uncluttered course right now and may include some of your monthly challenges as well!

  3. I was so excited that you are back! That was another wonderful podcast and I am going to relisten to it again. Also listened to your first Let It Be podcast as well. I cant wait for more! Your idean of rhythms is so right on. As an older person soon to be a Grandma, the importance of going with the flow and changing direction as needed is so important. What works for me now, would have never worked even 5 years ago. And now that my life is simpler, and more intentional, I love to wake up each day and follow through with what make me happy. And you are correct. It does not mean that a personality which needs constant challenge becomes a couch potatoe. Quite the opposite. You often need to go slow to go fast. And it does work!!!

  4. I also have a highly engaged personality and often take on more that I should, and also benefit greatly from forcing myself to slow down and be more deliberate. I sometimes think that slow living vs. fast living can be compared to being proactive vs. reactive, though. When you’re in fast mode it often feels like you’re just reacting to what’s coming at you or going on around you. And, on reverse when you switch to slow mode you’re much more proactive at looking and questioning what’s coming at you or going on around you.

  5. So I was having kind of a tough day yesterday and decided to go for a walk around the pond with no water (this is California) outside my office. I was going through my podcast list and was SO excited to see a new Slow Home pogpast pop up! This is my very most favorite podcast ever, so it really made my day — thank you!

    All your news was really exciting too — more podcasts and Ben quitting his job! How I long for the day … I hope all goes well, and wish you the best on this new adventure. I’ll definitely be listening along as I work to make the same transition.

    Now for a question. You talked about how you could be fast and still be slow, and how some of your recent decisions might not seem that slow. I’m wondering if in your slow journey you’ve experienced, or know of others who have experienced, a ramp up in effort and time and energy in order to get to slow? What I mean is, for me, for example, I’m doing a side hustle and purging the house and advocating for changes to city ordinances to allow for tiny homes all in my pursuit of the ability to live a slow life — work from home and set my own hours, own a home to provide more stability than renting, pare down so we tread lightly on the earth, all so I can relax more and spend more time with the people I love. Is it just me? Am I the only one who is working extra hard to be slow?

    I’d love any insights, and thanks again for making my Wednesday!

  6. So much I want to say but don’t know where to start. I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO SO SO SO SO SO SO SO love listening to all of your pogpast’s but my favourite ones are with you and Benny boy! Good news on the Ben at home more news but the question I have burning inside of me is……is this made possible because you either a) have no mortgage or b) you mortgage payment per week is very small? I know this is a taboo question and I am sorry for prying but the one thing that really holds me back with stuff like this is…..the mortgage. Most people who are minimalists either have no mortgage or had very high paying jobs etc. I have listened/read pretty much all of the blogs by all of the people’s and am aware that for example “The minimalists” had high debt BUT they paid it off and had no children/significant other…..I’m rambling I know but the ‘meat and potatoes’ people surely might have some encouragement for a mummy living with small children with her husband and only one income???

    • Hi Katherine,
      I just read your comment and have to say that I feel the same way! I have only one income and live where rents and home prices are among the highest in the nation (Silicon Valley, California). It’s really hard to get ahead when half your take-home pay has to go to rent/mortgage. I talk about it here:, which is more of a rant than offering any solutions :) One positive, to me at least, is that you’re on your way to owning with a mortgage.
      I suppose one of the benefits of minimalism is that you buy less so you have more money left to pay your mortgage. Anyway, I just wanted to let you know you’re not the only one in that boat!