Rhythm, Baby – SHP005

Rhythm, Baby - Episode 5 of The Slow Home Podcast

When it comes to routine versus rhythm, it’s rhythm all the way for me.

In today’s show (another solo outing to round out the big podcast launch week) I talk about the difference between rhythm and routine, and why it’s important to apply the friendlier notion of rhythm to our days.

Shifting into a rhythmic approach has been one of the best changes I’ve made to my life over the past few years and I feel like I actually get more done (most days) than if I was to apply a regimented routine to my days.

Later in the episode I also take a look at what my morning rhythm looks like at the moment, why my alarm is set for 4am and what I manage to get done before other members of my family wake up.

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With that in mind, grab a cup of something tasty and dive in to today’s episode.


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What You’ll Hear About  in Today’s Episode:

  • The difference between rhythm and routine
  • Why I think rhythm is a better option, particularly when trying to create a slower, simpler life
  • Why I choose to get up at 4am
  • Why this approach may not work for everyone
  • What my mornings look like and how I have created a rhythm that helps me get a lot done before my family wakes up

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9 Responses to Rhythm, Baby – SHP005

  1. I have so enjoyed this week’s listening! It has been lovely to take 30 minutes or so aside every day to sit and just listen. You are talking sense! And your morning routine is not boring (or else I’m a nerd too!). Listening to how other people rhythm their way through life can sometimes prompt us to think about alternatives.I can appreciate how much work goes into every blogpost and podcast! It’s lovely work!

  2. I enjoyed the podcast! Just curious, what time do you go to bed when you wake up at 4am? Thanks!

  3. Loving this podcast! You are doing a fantastic job! I like both the “solo” and “interview” episodes. I am usually not a fan of “interview” podcasts, but yours are so well-assembled and thought out, like a real interview, but with none of the stiffness. Keep up the good work! Looking forward to each new episode.

  4. I loved hearing about your morning routine. A couple of questions popped in my head, I hope they are not too personal, feel free to ignore them if they are!

    I mentioned the idea of getting up so early to my husband, and he was worried he wouldn’t see me much. Do you find you still have enough time with Ben? My kids are a bit younger, so maybe you can have a conversation with yours around? :)

    I’m curious when you spend time online, since it sounds like you try to avoid it during your time alone in the morning, and also when your kids are up (me too)?

    Keep up the good work!

  5. I’m curious about why you choose to wait until the next morning to write down your accomplishments from the day before, and also to work out your to-do list for that day. It’s probably just me, but I think I’d forget what I did and not give myself enough credit :)

    Thanks for taking us through your rhythm. I’m with you that routine sounds so regimented, and it really is about choosing a rhythm to follow. I’ve noticed that I naturally gravitate to one anyway, and it isn’t always what I should be working on. It’s good for me to intentionally choose the things that make up my rhythms at certain points of the day so I am generally pleased with what got done that day, instead of regretting how I spent my time.

  6. I love this pod cast! I found listening to you talk about your routines and rhythms inspiring. I love the early mornings, when I’m the only one awake, though lately have been sleeping through them. You have inspired me to set my alarm earlier once again! Your maximum of 3 tasks sounds very doable to me as I tend to get overwhelmed by too many and end up doing none. Also, I loved your method of focusing on something for 25 mins then 5 min break (I’ll have to go back and listen again for the name you mentioned). This podcast has given us strategies for getting time and focus to move towards completing our goals. Thank you so much for sharing Brooke!