The slow startup

It’s been a big couple of months here at Pogpast HQ. With Ben finishing up at his job and us starting the new company, the kids both starting school and launching Jackrabbit.FM, there’s been a lot going on.

Not that any of it has been bad. On the contrary, really. It’s just… different. And it’s taken us a bit of time to realise that a different lifestyle means, well, a different lifestyle.

We’re still working out how these changes fit in with our goal to live a slow, simple life but the first month has shown us there are going to be pros and cons to this new situation. It’s obviously been something a lot of you have been curious about too, as we’ve received many questions about slow living, self-employment and the workload involved in starting a new company.

So in today’s hosts-only pogpast (Episode number 50! Happy Golden Pod-iversary…?) we start by answering a couple of listener questions about our newly self-employed status. After that we answer two really excellent questions I know a lot of people struggle with:

    1. When simplifying life and buying less stuff, we’re often told to buy the best quality we can afford in order to make our purchases last longer. What happens when we become overwhelmed by the choices on offer and find ourselves paralysed by the options? How do you get around this desire to find “the best”?
  1. I’m following along with the Slow Home Experiments and appreciate that you’re only taking on one change at a time, but will you continue those changes once the month is over? And how do you stop that from becoming an increasingly overwhelming amount of change as you continue to add new or different behaviours every month?

Both of these are really great questions that go right to the heart of slow, intentional living, and we very much enjoyed being able to sit down and mull them over. Hopefully you enjoy listening! 


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  1. Happy anniversary, I feel in need of some Brooke & Ben wisdom/fun at the moment. I have all these dreams & plans of simplifying my life & slowing down and just seem to go round & round with the same old rubbish! At least I have your voices to make my journey into work peaceful even if nothing else is

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