Break the twitch with Anthony Ongaro

Break the twitch with Anthony Ongaro - Episode 54 of The Slow Home Podcast

Every episode of The Slow Home Podcast leaves me inspired, but today’s conversation with Anthony Ongaro was just…beyond. In fact, it’s been damn-near life changing.

I sat down to chat with Anthony in the hope of uncovering his personal journey – particularly how an Amazon shopping addiction proved the wake-up call he needed to make a change. And while we dig into his realisation that  “Amazon is the one-click solution to mostly made up problems,” we go much deeper into intentional living and what it means to break the twitch.

We also talk about the importance of taking those ridiculously easy first steps and – HERE’S THE KICKER – how that first step can very easily prove to be our downfall. When we convince ourselves that buying the book, taking the course or making the mental shift is enough, we find ourselves rich in self-help books and low in actual self help.

I can’t tell you how much I loved this conversation, and find myself thinking about it a lot. I hope you enjoy it too!

“How we spend our days is, of course, how we spend our lives.” (Annie Dillard)


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22 Responses to Break the twitch with Anthony Ongaro

  1. I was loving this powerful episode and then about half way through something happened with the sound. It starts to overlap and it is difficult to hear the intended dialogue. I hope there is a way to fix it as I am looking forward to hearing the rest.

  2. Same happened to me while listen ending with around 23 mins to go there was audio overlap with 2 different conversations. It is a great pogpast so looking forward to hearing it all!!! Thanks Brook and Ben!

  3. Hi Brooke, just letting you know that the sound is still overlapping from 30 seconds in for me, can’t wait to hear it :)

  4. I have downloaded lots of times on different devices but it still overlaps from 30 seconds in also :-(

  5. It still overlaps! Starts at 30 sec .. Is it something wrong with the file itself, or the iTunes streaming? So excited to hear this episode … :)

  6. Something is definitely wrong in this episode! Still not fixed – my overlap starts in the introduction! Please fix it soon – really want to hear this interview! Thanks.

  7. same for me, overlap starts early in the intro. Cant wait to listen to what Anthony has to say :)

  8. I listened to this podcast yesterday whilst doing my household chores. It was so inspiring that I felt the need to listen again and make notes. Thank you both for the great ideas. This is definitely my favourite podcast so far and gives loads to think about – especially the “false first step”

  9. Can’t get it to work for me either. Was really enjoying the conversation. Have tried everything to correct it but with no luck.
    Blessings Gail.

  10. Oh dear, I found this episode very good up to the last ten minutes. From that point it was quite painful! The idea of false first steps had me squirming. Download the health app, but not record what you eat, buy the slimming club books but don’t start the diet, subscribe to the mindfulness emails but never read them, even join the diet club but put weight on in the first week Need I go on? Certainly gave me lots to think about as usual xx

  11. I agree with Mary Jones – incredibly uncomfortable to listen to this episode! I’m a serial Book Depository purchaser, fad diet attempter, new hobby beginner (but never ender)….the list goes on. As I type this, I’m almost inclined to ‘Twitch’ to my Instagram feed to distract myself from the discomfort I feel in writing this message…..

    I love your ‘podpasts’ guys. I can’t wait to see the notification in my Podcasts app each week to listen to your latest episodes- WAIT! Could Slow Home Podcasts be one of my twitches????

    Nah. SHPs are a ‘twitch’ worth keeping :)

  12. Hey Ben! I think you should listen to this and fix it if you can. It’s unlistenable!! Thanks!!

  13. I came here to check if other people had similar problem. This episode is edited incorrectly, the overlapping audio is showing up just at the beginning of the episode. Is there any chance that this could be fixed?