Yoga #3

Yoga #3

When we first started this month’s Slow Home Experiment, the last thing I expected was to be brought to tears. And yet, late last week, on Day 18 of the experiment, I found myself crying on the mat as my previously uncooperative hips let me stand in my first ever tree pose.

That sense of wonder (and I know this might seem overblown, but I really did feel a sense of absolute wonder) came partly from suddenly being able to do something I never could before, and partly from the beauty of the slow changes I’ve been going through since we started the 30 Days of Yoga challenge.

I Instagrammed the moment (because of course) and my caption summed it up:

I went on to bust out a fairly decent crow pose on too, which saw me do a weird kind of squeally thing, rather than full-blown tears.

All that to say, this experiment is changing me. Far, far more than I thought it would.

I’ve always enjoyed the physical feeling of doing yoga – the stretching, the flexibility – but I’ve never really seen it as a full body-mind experience before. As I begin to see the changes in my strength, my breath, my muscles and my mind, I can see the massive benefits of yoga – beyond flexibility, or strength, or even striking an impressive pose and posting it on social media. I’m loving it and can’t wait to see what changes the last week brings.

Ben, on the other hand, has had a kind of crappy week. He’s still really determined to touch his toes by the end of the month and feels like a failure to do so will mean the experiment was a bust. I disagree on that and we talk a little about what we hope to gain from these experiments, as well as  the fact that some days just aren’t good yoga days.

We’re also looking for your input on what our April experiment should be. We’ll be travelling for the entire month so a lot of the ideas I have aren’t going to really apply. I’m thinking about a play-based experiment, while Ben thinks we should meditate every day. We’d love to hear your thoughts though – what would you like to see us try for the month of April?

Don’t forget, if you want to play along with us this month, join in and tag your Instagram posts with #slowhomeexperiment and let us know how you’re finding it. Enjoy!


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7 Responses to Yoga #3

  1. […] over to the full post at Slow Your Home to see some more progress photos and for links to Adriene’s videos and youtube […]

  2. Ideas for April that work with your travels (throwing out numbers but flexible): kiss passionately 5 minutes a day; play with your kids 15 minutes a day where you are really focused on what they want to do — Ben could take one kid, Brooke the other and swap it up; give up shampoo for a month. Love your show.

  3. what about laughter yoga?! for your april experiment? where you just start laughing, and continue for 5 mins, even if you have to make it happen….my youngest and I did it once when we stumbles across a class in Fremantle..was such a hoot, connecting and stress relieving. Happy travels! xx

  4. This is amazing! I love how yoga can change you both inside and out. Congrats on your tree and crow! And there is nothing better than a good yoga cry when you have those moments when you see how amazing your body really is.

  5. How about a family journal? Each write memories, jokes, observations, a thing you’re grateful for and the kids can doodle around your words or draw a picture. You could feedback how writing daily or observing life affects you time?

    Make a game out of helping strangers in small ways and see how it makes you feel and which gestures are the most well received?

    Read 3-5 pages of a book per day to increase your knowledge on a topic?

    Have a great time whatever you do :)

  6. What if you tried going outside your comfort zone every day? I think this would be perfect for a traveling experiment. Talk to a stranger, try a food you never thought you’d try, etc. This is my take on the “do something every day that scares you” thing. It might encourage you to take fuller advantage of your travels!