Yoga #4

Just a short post today as we’re off enjoying the Easter long weekend (and I hope you’ve been enjoying a little downtime too, no matter what your celebrations looks like.)

Ben and I sat down to talk about Week 4 of the Yoga Slow Home Experiment, and specifically how we managed to keep it up over the past week, where work has been busy and mornings disrupted.

We essentially learned the importance of being flexible (ha!) and again the idea of reducing the scope and sticking to the schedule has come in to play.

I’ve spent a little more time off script this week, doing what feels good as opposed to what is strictly in the videos, and I’m being rewarded by just feeling more at ease in general. Actually, I think it’s helped me move through what has been a pretty hectic week while maintaining most of my sanity.

We also talk about next month’s challenge, as by this time next week we’ll be a few days into it and wanted to give you a little heads-up in case you’d like to join in.

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