Cybele Masterman Talks Convenience – SHP006

The Slow Home Podcast Episode 6 - Cybele Masterman

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After last week’s big launch for The Slow Home Podcast, I’m back with another interview and couldn’t be happier to bring this one to your ears. 

In this episode, I chat with Cybele Masterman of Blah Blah Magazine. Cybele is passionate about sustainable, simple living and creating a more mindful life for her young family. She is also killer with the DIY home and body care, and shares a recipe for a homemade, all-natural coffee body scrub that really freaked Ben out.

During our chat (and this is very much a conversation between two friends) we talk about the joys of slowing down and paying attention to our surroundings, the difference between mindless consumption and mindfully choosing what to bring in to our lives, and why I personally don’t think comic books are clutter.

I hope you enjoy listening in to our conversation, and, as always, let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

*Audio Note: I’ve been having some ongoing issues with recording interviews, which is making guest audio a little fuzzy in places. Please know that I’m working to rectify this and I’ve done all I can to minimise the fuzz in today’s interview.*


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What You’ll Hear About  in Today’s Episode:

  • The benefits of slowing down, getting outside and paying attention to our environment
  • Why watching or reading a screen before bed impacts our sleep
  • How Cybele’s grandfather’s second-hand undies helped influence her choice to create a simpler life
  • The myth of convenience
  • The idea of contentment versus happiness
  • Why I don’t think comic books are clutter
  • How simplifying has made it easier to keep our homes tidy(ish) and us more likely to entertain on a whim.

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11 Responses to Cybele Masterman Talks Convenience – SHP006

  1. Lovely lady, thank you so much for the opportunity to chat. I can’t believe we managed to fit sewerage, underpants, toe nails, mindfulness, cultural shifts and a coffee body scrub recipe all into one conversation x

  2. Wow !!!

    Loved listening to this podcast. I guess having Bele as a friend made it special.
    It’s been a lovely talk to listen to while working for fashion… where I’m often surrounded by over consuming people, feeling thousands of kilometers away from them since I’m trying to do mindful consumption!
    Will bookmark your website and come back again for sure :)


  3. I’m really enjoying these podcasts! I just wanted to say that I love that your husband is involved in these, too. I love seeing projects that couples do together! It’s fun to hear you talk together.

  4. Loved this, I met Bele a while ago and can honestly say the same, it was just like an instant friend straightaway. She’s given me heaps of inspiration and I adore that she makes me want to stop and enjoy the day and life around me.
    I love her thoughts about living a simpler life, we have moved to Yamba and are beginning to do just that. While still enjoying the things we love.
    Will be back to check out your site, lovely to have found you guys.

  5. Absolutely loved this podcast Brooke! I really needed to hear this, particularly as I made homemade yoghurt last night. I had been putting it off as I was not wanting to make yoghurt but when it came time to make it I really enjoyed the process. I just needed to shift my thinking and become mindful in the moment as I move towards a slow home. Will have to find out more about Bele!

  6. Hi Brooke! I’ve just stumbled across your site and podcasts this week, and binge-listened as I was driving today from school to school for my work here in beautiful rural Nova Scotia. I enjoyed all of the episodes so much, and think I may have found the community I fit best in! I’ve been on a simplifying kick for several years, and feel like our family is in a really good place. I wish I had come across you and your blog sooner – I thought that I wasn’t into ‘minimalism’ persay, as most of the minimalism sites out there put so much focus on the amount of stuff (number of possessions, etc.) which seems kind of beside the point, to me. Anyway, thanks so much for the podcasts; I’m looking forward to following along as our summer is starting and we’re putting in our garden. We have new chicks arriving soon, too! Take care.