The importance of intention with Joshua Fields Millburn

The importance of intention with Joshua Fields Millburn

Online inspiration is a strange thing. If you’re anything like me, your life has been positively impacted by blogs, books, podcasts and even Instagram feeds, but sometimes even the good ones leave us feeling overwhelmed. That’s why I love digging in to the past of my guests and getting a little insight into what life was like for them before they started simplifying. I love looking into the why, and even more importantly, the how of making those first difficult changes. When I can see that my guests had to start somewhere, it makes the entire process seem far more manageable, and the destination of a slower, simpler life that much closer. Today’s guest is Joshua Fields Millburn – one half of The Minimalists and a delightful human – and he and I go back to his life pre-minimalism. We look at why he made the shift away from the American Dream (hint: it wasn’t his dream after all) and how he started the process of simplifying. We look at some practical approaches for dealing with clutter and the “just in case” stuff that trips so many of us up, and we also talk about the importance of understanding our reasons for wanting to change. Both Joshua and I have found that it’s these reasons that keep us going when things get tricky, so spending the time to uncover our why is super important as we create a simpler, slower life. Joshua also talks about simplicity and living a creative life, as well as the upcoming release of Minimalism: A Film – the beautiful documentary he and Ryan have produced. This is such a warm, wide-ranging conversation, and I hope you walk away from it as inspired as I did.


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7 Responses to The importance of intention with Joshua Fields Millburn

  1. Hey, Brooke! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now and have always enjoyed the words you share here. Thank you for that! I’ve noticed that you have been doing mostly videos lately… is that something you’ve decided to do from now on? The reason I ask is that where I live our internet is so slow that it is basically impossible to watch videos. I feel like I’m missing so much! And I don’t know if it would be worth my while to continue checking your blog if I can never enjoy these videos :( I’m happy that this is a new platform that you enjoy- just wish I could follow along. Will you ever go back to written posts?

    • I sorely miss Brooke’s words too Jenny. It always resonated very much with me.
      I’ve only started to embrace the podcasts, and am getting a lot of value out of them. Perhaps you can download them all when you do get to somewhere with better internet coverage, and listen to them later?

    • Hi Jenny, thank you so much for your lovely words and for reading the blog for so many years. I’ve definitely shifted from writing to podcasting over the past year – in part because I really enjoy the process of podcasting, and in part because I really got burnt out from writing for the past 5 years. RE accessing the podcasts, they should be fairly small files to download as they’re only audio rather than video, but as Ling mentioned, they can also be downloaded at a time that works for you. EG. If you subscribe to the show in iTunes it will only download new episodes when you have internet access. As for my plans for writing regularly again in the future, I hope I come back to it in time, but I’m not sure what that’s going to look like at this stage. (And I quite like the mystery of it at the moment! ;) )

  2. Thank you for another wonderful pogpast Brooke. :)
    Eventhough I’ve read and listened to Joshua recount his journey and writing many times, it’s always refreshing to hear it again as I get something different out of it each time.
    I, too am excited about the documentary. Hope it will get all the attention it deserves around the world. It will be awesome to watch it on the big screen (fingers crossed for Adelaide).

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