Journal #3

Episode 65 of The Slow Home Podcast - Journal We’re heading in to week three of this month’s Slow Home Experiment, where we’ve committed to spend time each day writing in a family journal. As we’re currently in Canada on holiday, it’s turned into somewhat of a travel journal, but today Ben talks about why he feels like it’s actually taking him out of living in the present moment while we’re travelling. To be honest, I found this confronting because it wasn’t at all what we expected when we took on this experiment, but it does bring to light the issue of how to BE present and then how to look back on a day and focus on a moment with clarity. Turns out this experiment is asking more of us than we expected! As I mentioned last week there are a couple of challenges I continue to struggle with, but both myself and the kids are also starting to benefit from the perspective that comes with the process. Don’t forget, you can play along by tagging your social media posts with #slowhomeexperiment and share your experiences. Hit us up on Instagram and let’s get experimenting! Enjoy!


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6 Responses to Journal #3

  1. Hi Brooke and Ben
    Just in regards to your upcoming slow travel hostful podcast, what is your take on planning for a trip ahead? It is so tempting to book restaurants and experiences in advance but I find that puts pressure on the holiday in terms of timelines etc. I would love to know your thoughts and tips on planning/ over planning a trip!

  2. I feel like nothing reveals mental clutter more than trying to journal. It is also so much easier to do when you have a clear physical place to write and a sense of daily purpose or focus. In the past, I’ve had to stop journaling because it more or less opened the floodgates of thought and was overwhelming.

  3. This is the first monthly challenge I have completed with you and it is motivating I am not alone. I have a three week holiday in May and I thought by starting journalling in April it would get my motivation started so I can keep it up while I am away.
    I have a Kikki K Gratitude which asks: ‘what made me happy’, what I learnt today’, ‘what I am grateful for’ and ‘what I will accomplish tomorrow’. I really like the format but have found the ‘what I learnt today’ section really difficult to answer. I feel it is because I have fallen into a mindless existence of work, exercise, home, mindless tv and am now tryinng to change that.
    I also had the challenge today of being in the moment and think ‘I should put this in my journal!’ – and coming out of the moment. However, I feel that if I hadn’t been journalling it wouldn’t have been in my thoughts to try and be in the moment in the first place so I am taking it as a win.
    I love your podcasts and can’t wait to hear the next one!

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