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Listener Chat with Morgan - Episode 66 of The Slow Home Podcast

This week, I’m so excited to share a new Listener Chat with you, this time featuring librarian-teacher and all-round lovely person, Morgan. When I put a call out on Facebook for Calgary-based listeners a couple of weeks ago, Morgan was the first to volunteer her time. A few days later we got to sit down at our apartment and chat for a couple of hours and I am SO glad we did. There were two big themes that came out of this conversation – one being Morgan’s amazing literary brain. She has so many nuggets of wisdom drawn from her extensive reading, and I was inspired to pick up my reading game after chatting with her. The second theme is that of living a values-based life, and I walked away from our chat so moved by the choices Morgan and her family have made over the past few years, all of which are aligned with their values and the kind of life they want to create for themselves. She also shares the back story and decisions that went in to a massive life change for her and her family, as well as the strategies she used to begin simplifying, and the inspiration she draws on when living mindfully. It’s always fascinating for me to talk to anyone at all about slow and simple living, but having the opportunity to chat with listeners of the show is so incredibly inspiring to me, and I’m really looking forward to more of them in the future. In the meantime though, enjoy this chat with Morgan. I know I did!


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10 Responses to Listener Chat with Morgan

  1. First time commenter. Love the podcast! Just wanted to say that there seems to be an overlap around 18:00 that then goes away after a couple seconds. Haven’t listened further than that, but just wanted to let you know :-)

  2. Your listener chats and hostfuls are always my favourite episodes, by far. They are so relatable! Thank you as always for the inspiration x

  3. This was such a joy to listen to, I actually listen twice! Morgan has such a sweet voice and very inspiring! Thank you for working on your holiday!

  4. Fabulous episode! It is great to hear from a listener and Morgan was so genuine and insightful. Very inspirational. Like Amanda, I too am looking forward to reading some Brene Brown. Thank you Brooke!
    P.S. No awkwardness at all – sounded fab ;)

  5. This was a great podcast! I listened to the Bea Johnson one twice and had to listen to this one twice too and follow up on the Simple Life Project blog.
    I’m expecting my first baby so I was curious about the meditation Morgan mentioned very briefly. In case anyone else is interested I think she was talking about Yoga Nidra and according to her blog she likes Michelle Jayne’s guided meditation podcast. I’ll have to give it a try before bub arrives!
    Thank you Morgan, Brooke and Ben for a great podcast!

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