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Joshua Becker on Nagging, Pressure and Navigating Change

Honestly, I don’t think today’s guest really needs any introduction.

Joshua Becker runs one of the most widely read minimalism blogs in the world today, and I’m fairly confident almost all of you have heard of him and have benefited from his relaxed but forthright advice on how to live a simple, mindful, intentional life. I know I have.

If you’re only new to the idea of simple living or, by some miracle, have not heard of Joshua, he’s a writer, a father, and a self-described regular suburban family man – without the dog and the garage full of stuff.

As the writer behind hugely successful blog, Becoming Minimalist, he’s been one of the biggest influences in my life as I worked to slow down and simplify and I know he has impacted hundreds of thousands of other people in similarly powerful ways.

In today’s episode of The Slow Home Podcast we talk about the moment he realised that life wasn’t fulfilling in the ways he expected it would be, as well as the impact blogs, Facebook, Instagram and the like are having on our expectations of what a “successful life” looks like.

I also asked Joshua if he ever feels as though his work is actually adding to the pressure people feel – now we need to keep up with a different, less materialistic but ultimately still aspirational set of Joneses – and his thoughts on this really fascinated me.

I hope you enjoy listening in to our chat about life, family, clutter and the new Joneses as much as I enjoyed taking part in it.


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What You’ll Hear About  in Today’s Episode:

  • The moment Joshua discovered minimalism and decided to start living a simpler life
  • What life was like pre-minimalism
  • His advice on how to talk to a partner who isn’t on board with decluttering
  • Why we need to sort ourselves out before we start thinking about criticising others
  • The list of “shoulds” that we really do need to pay attention to
  • Why we think minimalism as a lifestyle is growing at an ever increasing rate

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4 Responses to Joshua Becker on Pressure, Nagging and Navigating Change  – SHP007

  1. What I most like about Joshua is his humility and generosity – I also spoke with him for a project we’re working on and he accepted the invite without reservation.

  2. Great interview. Brooke, you asked some great questions that hadn’t been asked yet. I’m a big fan of both of you, I liked when he said you you have to think about how simplicity can help others. Sounds like a good blog post. If its already been written, link up the article. I D like to hear about it.
    excellent podcast.

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