Meditation #4

Meditation #4 - The Slow Home Experiment In last week’s episode I said that this meditation challenge has already been a life-changer, so it’s actually tough to top that pronouncement. Much like the sugar-free month back in February, this has already shifted from being an experiment, to a thing that I’m doing simply because the benefits are too great to ignore. Ben’s experience, on the other hand, hasn’t been as clear cut. He’s battling time constraints and motivation, so in today’s episode we talk about the obstacles he’s been facing in daily meditation. We also talk about what I actually see when I’m meditating, what I focus on and how I visualise the letting go of my thoughts. Keep in mind though, I am a huge novice so there may not be much wisdom there! Before we wrap up the experiment next week I’d love to put together a list of resources, books, tips and suggestions for meditation, so if you have anything to share please pop it in the comments below and I’ll include it in next week’s wrap-up post. Also, don’t forget, you can play along with us by tagging your social media posts with #slowhomeexperiment and sharing your experiences. Hit us up on Instagram and let’s get experimenting! Enjoy!


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11 Responses to Meditation #4

  1. Ben, it took me months of wanting to start but not quite finding the time before I settled into a routine :-) I think it simply takes a while to find the point in your day that works best for you. You could also try making the sessions EVEN smaller – like, 3 minutes each morning before your coffee. Just a suggestion!

    Loving the enthusiasm around this whole challenge! Also looking forward to finding out what you have planned for next month xo

  2. I simply had no idea how to get into meditation and could not sit quietly for more than ten seconds without jumping up to do something.(I obviously needed meditation!). I signed myself up for a mindfulness course – MBSR. Five afternoon sessions on alternative Saturdays with a group of strangers and hey presto! I was able to focus for half an hour at a time or even longer with the guided body scan.

    If you are serious about it and can afford a couple of hundred £/$ it is well worth the investment in my experience. It’s no miracle cure and needs practice but my stress levels are down and I have more perspective and clearer thinking generally.

  3. Hi Brooke. Can you please share the name of the meditation that you mentioned involved placing your thoughts on a leaf and allowing them to float away? Thank you, Ange

  4. Hi Brooke. I’m really enjoying your experiments but I’m interested in a follow up on your no sugar experiment. You’ve mentioned it’s become part of life but I assume you’re not doing such an extreme version now (ie fruit and alcohol were off limits in the initial experiment). I’d be interested in what ‘no sugar’ looks like for you now. Thanks!

    • LOLOL! Maryann, I would’ve freaked. I’ve had them go outside to the patio doors where my office is located and peck on the glass and yell at me through it because I wouldn’t reply when the hollered through the office door.I yell a lot, but with my smartaleck mouth, they always get a giggle at most of the stuff I yell. When I get “that look” in my eyes, then they know they’re really in trouble, lol.