The Live (Not Live) Hostful

Episode 76 of The Slow Home Podcast

I usually like to be a few weeks ahead of the posting schedule when it comes to our Thursday shows, but when Ben and I thought, ‘Yeah, let’s do a live Facebook video for this month’s hostful – it’ll be fun!” we weren’t expecting our horrible internet speeds to thwart us yet again.

But thwart us they did, and for that reason we found ourselves recording this month’s Q&A at 5:30 yesterday afternoon. Not particularly slow or intentional of us, I have to admit.

We do, however, answer some excellent listener questions, and cover topics including:

    • our thoughts on homework and after school activities
    • how we manage to find time for the experiments while also living a slower life
    • how we cope on those days that are just tough and nothing is going well at all
    • an insight into our daily rituals and routines
    • how to merge two households into one when there are vastly different approaches to “stuff”
  • why I stopped writing on the blog

Honestly, recording at 5:30PM on a Wednesday isn’t ideal, but in this largely unedited podcast we do give a pretty authentic view of what it looks like to balance work, family, self-employment, passion projects and slow living, and sometimes, it ain’t pretty! For the most part though, I wouldn’t change a thing (except our internet speeds) and I really hope you enjoy these more candid conversations – interruptions and all!


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5 Responses to The Live (Not Live) Hostful

  1. Tack för länken, jag ska sätta mig in mer i detta. Min undran är om vanlig rökning verkligen är värre, dvs mer skadlig för hälsan än den här med återskapad rök? Jag undrar om det finns en annan version som beskriver varför det blivit allt vanligare att överge den traditionella rökningen?