Katie Clemons on Tiny Homes, Flying and Journalling – SHP008

Episode 8 of The Slow Home Podcast, with Katie Clemons of Gadanke Do you dream of living in an unconventional home? A yurt? A campervan? A tiny house? A converted barn? I dream of living in a canvas tent one day – a little like Oriel Lamb in Cloudstreet but with more nature and fewer ghosts. My guest in today’s episode of The Slow Home Podcast lives in a tiny home… built inside an old airplane hangar. Katie Clemons is a pilot, writer, journal-maker, mother, wife and all-round lovely human, and today we chat about the impact simple living has had on her life over the past few years, as she has become a mother, moved halfway around the world and started a new business. We also dig in to the time she and her husband spent living in Germany and look at how Katie’s training as a pilot has impacted her life in very unexpected ways. Enjoy!


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Things to Check Out After Today’s Episode:

    • Katie’s blog: Making This Home

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9 Responses to Katie Clemons on Tiny Homes, Flying and Journalling – SHP008

  1. For some reason I can’t get the links to her blog to load. I can get to Gadanke but not her blog. Is it just me?

  2. I was listening to this podcast on during my evening commute (I drive an hour each way to work) and was feeling very tired and sick of the daily routine and repetitiveness. And then Katie started talking about home incredible all the things we do really are and I felt like a huge weight lifted off me and I was in a good mood for the rest of the day. I will definitely try and keep her message with me next time I feel overwhelmed by life!

  3. Brook, this podcast is missing from the Podcast feed in the top menu of the website. I thought you might like to know, this was a great interview. I don’t want visitors to your site to miss it.

  4. hi,
    just crossed your podcast (through the minimalists josh and ryan ;-), and found this one quite interesting. but can it be that the site makethishome.com is shut down? it still shows up at google, but the link is dead.

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