Rewilding with Joel Zaslofsky

Rewilding with Joel Zaslofsky

Every time I went to write ‘rewilding’ in this post, my auto-correct would change it to ‘rewinding’, which I actually found quite fitting, considering my conversation with today’s guest.

Joel Zaslofsky is one of the kindest, most encouraging people I’ve ever had the fortune of meeting, and today he’s back for his second visit to the pogpast.

We talk about his current efforts in optimising sleep, collecting natural spring water with his son (I don’t know about you, but I think having a natural spring to collect water from is SO rad) and his current fascination with rewilding, which really is a kind of rewinding too.

Joel is always enthusiastically in to things, and I walk away from our conversations feeling uplifted and inspired and excited at all the things I’ve yet to learn about the world. After this particular chat I’m doubly excited about an upcoming camping trip we’re taking and also weirdly excited to keep up my efforts to get 8 hours of sleep every night for this month’s Slow Home Experiment! 

As someone who spends his days connecting and helping and building, Joel is unsurprisingly passionate about community. One of his big goals is to help create and support communities of like-minded people all around the world, who are looking to simplify and live more intentionally. So if you’re looking for your tribe, do yourself a kindness and go connect with Joel!

In the meantime though, I hope you find this chat as invigorating as I did!


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    • I receive that, John. I love doing a lot of different things and it’s always a complete joy to introduce people to new concepts (i.e., rewilding) or revive old ways of living in a community environment (e.g., simple-living).

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