8 Hours Sleep #4 – The Slow Home Experiment

8 Hours Sleep #4 - The Slow Home Experiment

It’s well documented that Ben is a Big Fan of sleep, so this past weekend when he took part in a 24-hour walking challenge, the lack of sleep had some pretty crazy side-effects. Turns out things gets a little… hallucinogenic when he goes without sleep for more than a full day, and it was the perfect opportunity for us to wrap up this month’s Slow Home Experiment.

I’ve struggled to find the time for the full 8 hours, and while I have managed it for the past month I don’t necessarily think I’ll be sticking to it. I feel like 7 hours is a good amount for me, but like most things I’m open to changing that if I feel the need.

It’s been interesting to put sleep at the forefront for the month though because it’s easy to see just how swiftly sleep is sacrificed, and one thing I’ve learnt is that we’re much better off sacrificing other activities before giving up our sleep.

We also talk about quality vs quantity, whether we think we actually can regain a sleep debt and what’s in store for the podcast moving forward, as we take a break from the experiments for a little while.

How did you go with your attempts to get 8 hours sleep a night? Did you notice any difference? Or did you find it difficult to find time for the full 8 hours while also doing everything that needs to happen? 


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