Small Acts and Big Impacts with Jono Fisher

Small Acts and Big Impact with Jono Fisher - Episode 89 of The Slow Home Podcast

“Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world. For, indeed, that’s all who ever have.” Margaret Mead

Sometimes, I’ll admit, the idea of making a real change in the world can feel impossible.

    • What good is it if we reduce waste when others are simply making more?
    • How can one small act of kindness make an impact against the negativity in the world?
    • Does it really make a difference if I live slow when we’re told we need to be faster, cheaper, louder?
  • What can I do? I’m only one person. 

In today’s episode I meet the human antidote to these feelings in Jono Fisher, a delightfully warm person who is – quite literally – changing the world with kindness. Not only did this conversation inspired me deeply, but it’s also reminded me that even the smallest action can have the most incredible impact on the people around us.

As founder of The Wake Up Project – a community and events hub on a mission to bring out the best in people – Jono is super passionate about spreading kindness, mindfulness and positivity far and wide. Not only that though, he is one of the most genuinely kind and warm people I’ve had the joy of meeting and I think today’s conversation is packed with inspiration, insight and a very healthy dose of reality.

We talk about his desire to create and grow a ‘kindness revolution’, the arrival of his firstborn son and how it’s impacted his ability to live a mindful life. He also shares a story from a recent experience with a masseuse that gave me goosebumps and acts as a beautiful reminder that we’re all connected in a very real way.

Jono also talks about burning out in his corporate job, becoming a nanny and rediscovering what it meant to have enough, and honestly, I could have spoken with him for hours.

If you haven’t met Jono yet, you’re in for a treat. Enjoy!


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12 Responses to Small Acts and Big Impacts with Jono Fisher

  1. This has been the most inspiring and moving of all your podcasts for me so far. What an inspiring man. Thank you for bringing him into my radar.

  2. Can I just second Kate’s comment. This has made a massive difference to me. I’m thinking Brooke, like you I get angry, I see Red. What I need is to add White (ie simplicity/white noise/margin) so I get Pink (ie kindness, the colour of a beautiful sunset). Definitely going to start listening to his podcast and start saving to go to the mindful leadership conference. Thanks again for a wonderful conversation.

    • Nailed it with this comment Kimberley: “What I need is to add White (ie simplicity/white noise/margin) so I get Pink (ie kindness, the colour of a beautiful sunset)” That is so beautiful. And thank you for listening. xx

  3. Wow! What a podcast…. Goosebumps and even a few tears – “be kind to yourself, be kind to others and be kind to the earth” – it’s so simple and wise and yet feels ground breaking! And the ‘be your own best friend who only ever has words of support and encouragement’ – bingo! That’s absolutely what I need in my life right now – a new best friend! Thanks to both of you for your honestly and inspiration and willingness to share so much of yourselves… And for your ongoing effort to be be a positive game-changer in this amazing world we live xx p.s. Already ordered my kindness cards

    • That’s what I loved about Jono and his message – nothing is too small or too simple to make a difference. I loved this conversation so much and glad you loved it too. xx

  4. Absolutely brilliant interview and incredibly interesting programme. As we can clearly see in the world today, the need for balanced, fully developed, grown-up male energy has never been greater.