Screen-Free Bedroom #1 – The Slow Home Experiment

Screen-Free Bedroom #1 - The Slow Home Experiment

A new month means a new Slow Home Experiment, and in August Ben and I are going screen-free in the bedroom.

Honestly, this sounds like something we should already have had on lockdown, but as we discuss in today’s episode there’s been a bit of backsliding in recent months and the mobile phones have slowly snuck back in to the bedroom.

There’s no doubt in my mind that having a screen in the bedroom has impacted both my sleep and my morning rhythm negatively, which begs the question why I haven’t made the shift earlier. But as we talk about in this episode, the power of habit is a mighty thing to turn around.

Ben is feeling quite nervous about this one (which is a nice change!) while I’m feeling optimistic about the challenge as well as the impact its going to have on my daily rhythms.

There’s a very low barrier to entry to this month’s experiment so please feel free to play along with us, and tag your social media posts with #slowhomeexperiment.


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10 Responses to Screen-Free Bedroom #1 – The Slow Home Experiment

  1. Hilarious. #Bensbitterbedtimes? Loved it. We have never recharged phones by the bed, and use our ipad to read Harry Potter to our daughter, but then it goes back into the kitchen to sit by the iphone. Alarms? – wristwatch. Reading? – physical books. PS: what is the music from your podcast, it brings me so much joy just listening to it.

    • #bensbitterbedtimes indeed!! Sounds like you guys have bed times on lock down – nice work. And the music is from Audio Jungle… I think it’s actually called “Simple Life”?

  2. We never had tvs in our bedroom, actually we only have on tv an it sits in the living room. As far as other screens go I have a kindle that I use to read and sometimes go off the wagon and browse the web in bed but mostly media stays out of the bedroom. I wish I could convince my husband to try and live a day without his mobile stuck to his hand…

    • That was pretty much my situation too Carla – I wouldn’t go on my phone much except to read, only my falls off the wagon became a little more common than I would have liked! Maybe an experiment might be a good place to start for your husband? I like the idea of an experiment rather than a challenge merely because it’s about curiousity and seeing what happens rather than winning/losing. :)

  3. I look forward to all of your experiments! And listening to your podcast at work here in Michigan, USA.

    I guess the picture is a bit disturbing, even though it was obviously not intentional. But it looks as though the arm in the picture has cut marks.
    Having a daughter that tried to commit suicide this way, I guess I’m prone to see these marks on people.

    But again I love the podcast!!!

    • Thanks so much Liz, and I’m so sorry the image was disturbing to you. Obviously not my intention, but I can see how it would be. Much love to you and your family. xx

  4. I like in a studio flat so my bedroom is also my study, living room and dining area! However, given that I’m typing this from my phone in bed at 5am having been awake since midnight, I think I desperately need to give this a go … Somehow.

    • Hmm, that does make a “screen-free bedroom” a little more challenging doesn’t it? Maybe commit to switching the phone off, or on to flight mode or do not disturb mode for a certain period of time every night? From 10pm-6am or something? Let me know how you go!