Screen-Free Bedroom #3

Screen-Free Bedroom #3 - The Slow Home Experiment

Ben and I were talking over the weekend about this year, and how it’s already been a big one for us (and it’s only August!) While a lot of that has to do with some significant changes in our work, a big part of it is also related to how we’re choosing to live. And a big part of that has been our monthly Slow Home Experiments.

For me, the sugar experiment, and the daily yoga and daily meditation experiments have been really transformative, but in terms of sheer impact this month’s screen-free bedroom is massive. In this poggie we talk some more about the experiment and its challenges, as well as the surprising impact it’s having on other areas of our lives.

Of course, it really does make sense that the effect of a screen-free bedroom would be so wide-ranging, because quality sleep improves pretty much everything. But I find myself surprised at the knock-on effect of higher productivity, better mornings, more and better conversations and way more energy. All from one small change that any of us can make!

We also talk about why going screen-free in the bedroom is a great place to start if you or a loved one is keen to slow down but unsure where to begin, and we offer up some suggestions for those who live in a small space or who need to access their phones overnight.

I honestly cannot recommend this experiment enough, and would love it if you shared your own experience with going screen-free. Feel free to play along, and tag your social media posts with #slowhomeexperiment.



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