Listener Chat with Colleen Valles

Listener Chat with Colleen Valles - Episode 95 of The Slow Home Podcast I’m feeling incredibly grateful this morning. Grateful to be alive, grateful to have a computer to type my words on, grateful that I got to see the amazing moon sink below the horizon before the sky began to lighten, grateful for Netflix and my son who woke up extra-special early this morning just to sit next to me and watch Power Rangers, and grateful for you being here. I may be biased, but I think I have just about the nicest audience on the internet. My people, you guys, are kind and positive and supportive of each other. You’re curious and interested and interesting and I get all kinds of happy feelings when I think about the community we’re creating. And one of my favourite parts of pogpasting is getting to chat with amazing listeners like today’s guest – Colleen Valles. A few months ago Colleen noticed I’d been getting some pushback about the fact I live in a dual-income household, work from home and am able to fit that work around parenting and running a house, and how that wasn’t representative of the reality for a lot of people (which is absolutely true). She wanted to offer herself as a guest for the show, and after hearing some of her story I knew it needed to happen. A few years ago Colleen’s life was incredibly busy and full, and she realised it was taking its toll on her health, her relationships and her well-being. As a single parent of a young daughter, working a more-than-full-time job and trying to fit all of life’s commitments into an overstuffed schedule, Colleen found herself completely overwhelmed. Today Colleen’s life is still a busy and full one, but in a positive, mindful way. She works full-time, but in a job closer to home, she has simplified and slowed her pace of life, allowing for more time with her daughter, and she is currently building a tiny home in one of the most expensive parts of the US. Colleen and I talk a lot about how she made time to simplify her life when it was so full and so all-consuming, as well as the impact it’s had on her family. Colleen is so generous in what she shares, and we go deep into how she uncovered her priorities and used them to change her job, her schedule and her home. We also talk some more about the tiny home she is building and what appealed to her about living in a small space with two kids, as well as her plans for eventually combining households with her non-minimalist partner. In short, there is so much wisdom in this episode, and I know Colleen’s story is going to not only resonate but also inspire you to think about the slow and simple ways we can each shift our lives towards living closer to our priorities – and there’s nothing more mindful and intentional than that. (Colleen, you’re a gem. Thank you so much for sharing your story and for putting up with my rescheduling shenanigans!) Enjoy!


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5 Responses to Listener Chat with Colleen Valles

  1. Hi Brooke. This was a great pogpast! I really loved that it was about someone who does still work full-time, have kids and is just trying to live a slow life whilst still having to do all of the above.

    I was really excited about downloading Colleen’s priorities worksheet, but I’m having trouble finding it. When I click on your link above, it takes me directly to Colleen’s website but not to a worksheet. Do you have any further instructions for finding it? I did look for a Contact Me link on Colleen’s website but couldn’t find that either! Thanks, Lisa

  2. I loved the podcast too! One of my favourites to date, that and the zombie apocalypse, but like Lisa am having trouble locating the priorities worksheet.

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