Screen-Free Bedroom #4 – The Slow Home Experiment

Screen-Free Bedroom #4 - The Slow Home Experiment We’re rolling in to week four of this month’s screen-free bedroom experiment and rather than continue to tell everyone just how amazing and life-changing it is (which it is) Ben and I talk more about why it’s making such an impact on our home. This week I discovered that ‘blue light’ is present in pretty much every modern light – not just our screens – and that researchers think it’s not just our devices impacting sleep, but all household lights. On a new episode of Low Tox Life, Alexx Stuart explores sleep hacking and how one man lived without artificial light for 6 weeks, and the results have me almost convinced I need to buy a pair of blue blocking glasses (I didn’t even realise they were a thing!) and remove the lightbulb from our fridge… There are a whole range of solutions to start minimising our light exposure at night, but this month is really just about removing the tech from our bedrooms, and that in itself is having such a massive impact. Like we mentioned in last week’s episode, more conversations, more peace and more presence, and I haven’t missed the tech once. We also talk about the upcoming September experiment and what you can do to get involved, as well as a free program Cybele and I are running next month.

I honestly cannot recommend this experiment enough, and would love it if you shared your own experience with going screen-free. Feel free to play along, and tag your social media posts with #slowhomeexperiment.

*Also, I read a recent one-star review of our show (it’s OK – not everyone thinks we’re awesome) that complained about the inside jokes Ben and I share on the show. Sorry to say, this episode has plenty, so enjoy! 


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4 Responses to Screen-Free Bedroom #4 – The Slow Home Experiment

  1. I have removed my tablet from my bedroom (I don’t bring my cell phone in) and I’m definitely getting to sleep earlier and find I’m getting up and being much more productive at the start of the day. Thank you for inspiring me. This is a good change!

  2. I love your podcast. You both seem so very down to earth, and sharing struggles, mistakes, etc. It certainly makes this process of slowing down a more attainable goal. Thank you! I have decided to go screen-free for myself. I won’t force my husband to take on my endeavours. :) I am looking forward to reading books before bed instead of being tempted to go down the Google rabbit hole. I mean… I went to sleep screen-free for decades and slept great. Thank you for sharing this experiment! (PS… Brooke, I listen to Let It Go, and I love it!!!)

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