Create More, Consume Less with Margy Heuschele

Create More, Consume Less with Margy Heuschele - The Slow Home Podcast

One of my favourite parts of having these pogpast conversations every week is learning how people come to slow living. Where do they hear about it? Is it an intuitive thing they simply need to do, or are they specifically inspired to change by a book or a blog post or an event in their lives?

What I’ve discovered is there is no one way. There is no right way. There is no ideal path to a slower, simpler, more mindful life. There is your way, and there are small steps. There are no quick fixes or miracle cures. There are questions and answers. There is time and kindness and gentleness and honesty. There is courage and fear and letting go and pulling close.

In today’s episode I have the distinct pleasure of chatting with Margy Heuschele – a teacher-librarian from Toowoomba in Queensland, who has gradually shifted her life from one of stress and overwhelm and perfectionism and control, to one of slowness, contentment, simplicity and joy in the tiny moments.

I loved so many things about this conversation, not least Margy’s amazing book recommendations (which you can find below) and learning more about the Makerspace movement. But one of the things I particularly loved was the beautiful contentment Margy exudes and the way she describes the tiny, beautiful moments in her life as the turning point in living a slower, more mindful life. There wasn’t a huge traumatic experience or a momentous realisation that brought her to slow living, but rather taking the time for little, mundane moments of beauty in her every day.

We also talk about the impact simplifying had on her now-grown kids, why it’s so important to teach people (both the young and not-so-young) foundational skills such as sewing and gardening, and why she and her husband started a simple living organisation in their community.

This is a wonderful episode and I’m sure you’re going to love Margy’s story as much as I did.



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3 Responses to Create More, Consume Less with Margy Heuschele

  1. What a lovely podcast. Thank you both. It felt like you were both sharing all the things our family has been doing and going through for the past few years. Really enjoyed hearing others talk about all these topics as well.

    Such a treat!

  2. I loved this podcast! I haven’t listened to Slow Home for a while but this was a perfect one for me to start to catch up with! I’m a new teacher librarian after being (for the most part) at home with kids for 18 years. So good to hear another TL to talk about having a simple life, book ideas, and Christian thoughts on simplicity. I too have been noticing so many lovely children’s books about simple things, growing veges, and so on. Thanks Brooke and Margy for such an enjoyable and inspiring backdrop to my walks and drives to work lately (listening in fits and bursts and still going!).

  3. I ran into your blog last week and it just stuck with me. Your ideas are amazing and it feels so refreshing. Thank you so much for sharing it, it is slowly changing my view of things and life to better.

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