Blaire Palmer on rethinking our modern conventions of Work

“The truth you hold onto most tightly is usually the one that’s giving you the most trouble. “

Blaire Palmer


For many of us it is nothing more exciting than a necessary part of life, used to pay the rent, buy groceries and clothes and petrol, and maybe fund a holiday every few years.

But does it have to be a drudgery? What if we’re looking for a way to make work a part of our lives that lights us up? In a world filled with corporations more concerned with the bottom line than the health, well being and individual strengths of employees, is it actually possible to find work that is fulfilling? (And do we need to be self-employed to find it?)

It’s something so many of us grapple with, which is why I’m so excited to have Blaire Palmer on the show today.

Blaire is an ex-BBC journalist turned business owner, who works to help people unpick the industrial-age conventions of work and find a fulfilling way forward that works for them.

In our chat, Blaire shares her own story and the shifts she’s made to the way she works, how we can redefine work and the way we do it, the power of bringing humanity to your job, and the reason she sold her house and spent 7 months travelling with her daughter.

Questions featured in this episode:

  1. You’ve spent the past few years unpicking the industrial age conventions of work: What are they?
  2. When did you start to question these conventions?
  3. How do we start to shift the system?
  4. How can we redefine what success looks like? 
  5. What was the catalyst to shift from working long hours to the way you work now?
  6. What was the call to return and put down roots after travelling?
  7. Did you ever find an approach to balance that worked for you while travelling, and that works for you now?


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2 Responses to Blaire Palmer on rethinking our modern conventions of Work

  1. Thanks Brooke for having such an inspiration on the show. I’m a mother and work from home. What really is so good about being a working woman is how you define yourself, how you construct yourself and be a role model to your kids. Thanks for sharing again Brooke! have a great day

  2. This lady appears to think she is talking about something new. She takes her child to the park she bakes with her. This is the same things millions of people do every day because they have no choice and no money.