Christine Liu on how to green up your workplace

“It’s so much more powerful to have a group of people working towards something, rather than just myself as an individual.”

Christine Liu

When I was planning out this season of the podcast, I knew I wanted to spend time focusing on practical ideas – ones that we could apply in our own communities, homes and workplaces.

So when I discovered the work of today’s guest, Christine Liu, a zero-waste blogger and YouTuber who set up a green team network at her former employer, Cisco, I knew I wanted to dig deep in to how and why she decided to do so.

We chat about her experience at Cisco and Christine shares how the Green Teams initiative started small and grew throughout the entire organisation, as well as the impact it had on her own efforts to live more sustainably, and those of her colleagues.

I also talk to Christine about planning a wedding and becoming a pet owner – two areas of life that aren’t known for being zero-waste friendly – and she shares her tips and challenges for both of those in this episode too.

Questions featured in this episode:

  1. What is a Green Team?
  2. Why and how did you start it?
  3. Do you have any suggestions for where people can start making changes in their own workplace?
  4. Where did your personal zero-waste journey start?
  5. Any tips for where to start with zero-waste and pets?
  6. How has simplifying your life impacted your mental health?
  7. What were the reactions you received from friends and family around your zero-waste wedding?
  8. Any tips for people planning their wedding or big event who are keen to minimise waste?


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