Life in the time of coronavirus: A Slow Living Deep-Dive

“What we need now more than anything is more compassion and grace.”

Season 5 has thus far been a pandemic-free zone (mostly because all episodes previous to this one were recorded before the world turned topsy-turvy) but that changes today. 

After having a couple of weeks to process some of the changes in our own lives and the world at large, Ben and I spend the first half of this week’s episode chatting about where we’re at right now, and the huge shifts in pace and productivity that have happened. Ben shares the impact the crisis has had on his business while I talk a little about trying to work around home-school responsibilities, heightened anxiety and a new normal. 

There is no doubt that slow living has given us a lot of tools over the years, many of which have been helpful in the first weeks of the pandemic and lockdown, so we dig a little in to what they are and how they’ve been helping. We also discuss:

  • The impact the crisis has had on Ben’s business
  • Working from home while also trying to keep on top of home-schooling responsibilities 
  • What’s helping us the most right now
  • Why limiting inputs of news and social media is so important
  • How we’re allowing ourselves to ‘feel all the feelings’ 
  • Why single-tasking has become more important than ever

The second half of the episode resumes normal transmission with the final catch-up with a guest from Season 4. And honestly, what a way to finish! I catch-up with Elisa who shares some of the changes she’s implemented in her days, before going on to shed some light on one of her biggest ongoing challenges.

One of Elisa’s children has medically-complex needs and working out how to apply intentional living to those additional requirements is something she and I discuss in-depth. Through all of this Elisa reminded me of the power of resilience, and the strength in being able to encompass the messiness of life and the warrior of motherhood – and everything in between.  


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14 Responses to Life in the time of coronavirus: A Slow Living Deep-Dive

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