Emily Stochl on the planet-saving power of shopping second-hand

You may know by now that the fashion industry is one of the leading planet polluters,  and you also may know that fast fashion (cheap, poorly made fashion that’s created for very short-term wear) is a huge part of the problem. 

One of the best ways that we as individuals can begin to reduce our own carbon footprint and slow the impact we’re having on our home planet is to stop supporting the producers of fast-fashion (no matter how cute their current season is) and to start buying second-hand clothes.

But if you’re anything like me and a little clueless about how to become a good second-hand shopper, then maybe you need some guidance. I have found the occasional gem in a second-hand store and bought a few nice things online over the years, but whenever I find myself in a vintage store or an op-shop, chances are I’ll walk out feeling a bit deflated because I’ve gotten overwhelmed. Today’s guest is here to change all that and I personally couldn’t be happier!

In today’s poggie I chat with Emily Stochl, a passionate thrift shopper and host of the Pre-Loved Podcast – a show all about shopping second-hand, why it matters and what it means to us. Emily has the best advice on how to get started with second-hand shopping, how to make sure your bargain is money well spent and why it’s important to take it slow when thrifting. 

Emily also talks about the rise of ‘eco fashion’ on the high street and why we need to be cautious of greenwashing in the fashion industry, and shares why second-hand shopping is one of the most effective, fun, self-expressive ways to lower our personal carbon footprint. 

This is a really fun, action-oriented episode that will hopefully leave you feeling ready to take on the wonderful world of thrift next time you need to buy something.

Questions featured in this episode: 

  • What’s your primary motivation for thrifting? Is it environmental, the thrill of the hunt, finding things no-one else wears? 
  • What’s the first step to begin our second-hand shopping journey?
  • How can a devoted high-street shopper begin to slow their fashion habit? 
  • What do we need to be aware of when donating our unwanted clothes? 
  • What are your thoughts on the rise of eco fashion in the high street?

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