How to make a difference

When we look around and see the myriad environmental crises facing the world it can be easy to slip in to despair, as we wonder, “What difference can I make? I’m only one person.”

In today’s episode we meet Georgi, who has made massive strides in changing the way she lives as an individual but is now looking at the bigger picture and wants to know:

“What are some bigger things I can do, outside my own home, to make a real impact?”

What follows is a really wide-ranging chat where Georgi and I look at both the highly practical changes we can make in our personal attempts to live a more sustainable life, as well as the broader issue of how to work out what we have to offer our community and how to begin delivering it.

A big part of this conversation is about acknowledging that we, as individuals, cannot fix every problem, and to constantly berate ourselves about that fact is a disservice to what we can offer. Georgi and I use this as a jumping off point to talk about the importance of hope and vision – of taking the time to visualise a better version of our community – and to use that as motivation for change.

We also look at the different ways we can make change in our communities. We can, of course, create new programs or services or conversations ourselves, but we can also lend our skills and gifts to those that already exist by way of financial support, volunteering, facilitation and spreading the word. Community isn’t just a place or a group of people, it’s also a way of connecting with those around us and coming together for a common purpose – we don’t need to go it alone.

After farewelling Georgi (hopefully armed with a whole heap of questions and ideas that will help bring her clarity on what comes next), I’m joined by another wonderful special guest. This week it’s Sarah Wilson, author of First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, who talks about the importance of starting where you are and using what you’ve got in order to make change.

We also talk about the current duality of online communities (ie you’re either with us or against us) and the problem with imagining that same division to be present in to our day-to-day conversations. Sarah also brings up the importance of hope, and reminds us that while our individual voice might not feel like it matters much, change can only happen when we join our voice to those around us to make a noisy, beautiful chorus.


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