On settling, slowness and fitting out a new house: A Hostful

“On your slow journey don’t forget to give yourself permission to fail…in a fast paced world.”

Ben McAlary

Hostful formation: engage!

Before we get in to today’s episode (the last of Season 3 and how did that happen?) and all the juicy listener questions you sent in, this poggie begins on a bittersweet note as we bid a very fond farewell to two team members who have played an integral role on the poggie and general Slow Home activities over the past few years.

Ryan, our audio engineer/producer extraordinaire, who has been with us for three years, moves on to a great role in the Australian podcast community and Steph our ‘right hand woman’ and social media guru, is going back to study full-time. To both: we salute you, are grateful for how much you’ve helped this podcast and community grow and improve over the years, and we love your guts.

Once we wipe away our tears and (literally) play Steph and Ryan off in to the sunset, we dive head-first in to your terrific listener questions. These include:  

  • Apart from people, what do you most miss about Canada and the US? And what are you most glad to have in Australia?
  • Is it easier to live slower in Australia or in the US/Canada?
  • What are you finding challenging in regards to slow living, and what are you doing in response?
  • What area did you decide to buy and live in, and why did you chose that area?
  • Were you ever nervous about not being close to the city, not being close to family and instead living in a rural area?
  • Are you living mortgage free?
  • Is there a slow way to manage money?
  • Slow aspirations versus fast career path advice please?
  • What is your ultimate ’slow’ date night? 
  • How have you gone re-buying things for the house? Slowly or all at once? 
  • Have you bought things you gave away when you left for your trip? 
  • What made Ben choose to go to therapy? 
  • What are your favourite books of 2019? 
  • Is Brooke currently writing a book?
  • What poggies are you currently listening to? 
  • When will the next season of the podcast start? 

As always, we do our best to answer these as honestly as possible (if not always, or ever, briefly) and appreciate having a community of listeners who want to dig in to what it really means to live a slower life. Thank you so much for turning up not only in asking these questions, but for this entire season. It’s been wonderful to see how many people have enjoyed our look at slow living from seven very different perspectives and we can’t wait to bring you Season 4.

We don’t want to give too much away, but next season of the pogpast will be very different, as we continue to experiment and try to provide you, our listeners, with practical tips on how to live a slower, more intentional life. But we can tell you that Season 4 will be in your poggie feed in late October. 

Until then… take it slow friends. xx

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