Managing screentime, finding balance and future plans – A Coronavirus Hostful

“Soften into screen time and manage your expectations around it.”

And just like that, the end of Season 5 is upon us. 

In today’s hostful episode, Ben and I spend some time answering the most common pandemic-related questions as asked by you, as well as tackling some lighter topics to try and provide some much-needed balance to not only this episode but also, if I’m being honest, our own headspaces. 

It’s undoubtedly been an incredibly difficult few weeks for everyone, with many more challenges and dark days ahead. To round out this season, Ben and I talk through the various ways we’re trying to use the tools in our slow living toolbox to navigate some of these hard days, and try to offer some suggestions for how you might want to adapt some of them in to your own life. 

I put the call-out for listener questions on Instagram last week and, as usual, y’all delivered. Some of the questions we try to answer in this week’s poggie include:

  • How are you managing remote schooling while also trying to work from home? 
  • Do you think slow living is helping during lockdown? And if so do you think it will have a positive effect in the future? 
  • What did you learn about schooling and spending a lot of time together while travelling? And has any of that been helpful during lockdown? 
  • How to create rhythms for working or studying at home, for those who’ve never done it before? 
  • What good new recipes have you tried lately? 
  • What’s bringing you joy right now? 
  • What are you listening to/watching/reading right now? 

We end the show with a brief update of what you can expect from Season 6 (which will be in your ears shortly – we’ve decided not to take a break between seasons in light of the current situation and all of the excellent guest interviews I have coming up which may offer some help) as well as what to expect from the next round of the Slow Beginnings Online Retreat, which starts on April 26. 


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3 Responses to Managing screentime, finding balance and future plans – A Coronavirus Hostful

  1. Hi there! I think this quarantine/lockdown situation is a perfect time to practice slow living and reflect on the things you want for your family and for your life long term. It’s not often we get an opportunity like this with less daily distractions and we should accept it as a positive thing (it’s not that we really have a choice anyway!).

    My husband and I blog over at about our path to simplicity and actually just posted about the positive takeaways we have found as a result of this pandemic. Feel free to take a look!


  2. During this time it is good to harness your talent, unleashing potentials and developing your relationship towards people in your neighborhood. We can’t let this time pass without us improving on something. Let us turn the situation to our good.

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