Permaculture in a crisis with Robyn Rosenfeldt

“Learn one new skill, something that will help you not be so reliant on the system.”

Robyn Rosenfeldt

It’s been a helluva a start to the year for all of us, and for many Australians, we’ve found ourselves living through the double-whammy of the devastating summer bushfire season, followed closely by the global Covid-19 pandemic.

It’s been interesting to see so many people using this time of upheaval to start thinking about community and its role in helping us navigate times of crisis, and today’s guest has so much to share on exactly that topic. Robyn Rosenfeldt is a permaculture expert, the editor and creator of Pip Magazine, and an all-round, stand-out friend of the show, and in today’s episode we have a fantastic conversation centred on the importance of coming together in difficult times.

Robyn talks about the devastation of the summer bushfires and how that crisis highlighted the issue of food security in her community, before sharing the similar impact the Covid-19 crisis is now having on local supermarket shelves. She also introduces us to the three pillars of permaculture – earth care, people care and a fair share – and speaks about what they each look like in daily life, and how everyone of us can harness them to create stronger communities – not only now, but also as we move forward in to whatever the ‘new normal’ will be.

We also have a chat about a topic I know many of you are curious about: how to live a values-aligned life while also raising independent-minded children. This includes Robyn’s thoughts on how to best pick your battles and why compromise is an important tool for everyone to have in their toolbox (a lesson I’m learning with increasing frequency as our kids get older!)

Finally Robyn and I talk about the rising instances of eco-anxiety in both adults and kids alike, and how we can move through it with grace and humanity in tact.

It’s a really wonderful chat that I’ve found myself referring back to a lot over the past few weeks and I hope you enjoy it!

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3 Responses to Permaculture in a crisis with Robyn Rosenfeldt

  1. Yes yes yes! All of this, yes! Be forgiving, little steps, celebrating wins, the tensions created by children’s want to belong vs your values.. my kids still eat my muesli bars.. but I know the day is coming when they will want packet foods! My 4yo has Judy started rejecting some of the opp shop outfits! really enjoyed the generous sharing of learning and found it reassuring and comforting. Thanks Brooke and Robyn!

  2. This was a great read and listen. Its been tough for all of us regardless of where we live in the world during these tough times. Hope everyone is staying safe and strong. Lots of love from Canada!

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