Rob Greenfield on the enormous power of small changes

Hello, and welcome to the Slow Home Summer Series (AKA Winter Warmies!) For all of January we’ll be revisiting some of our favourite episodes from 2018, so we can walk the walk and slow down during the New Year break. Also it turns out podcasts, just like fine wine, really do get better with age. Whether you missed them the first time around, or are having another listen, we hope you enjoy these poggies as much as we did and that they keep you company on the beach (or the slopes!) 


Today we’re highlighting one of the most inspiring interviews of the year – my conversation with Rob Greenfield. For those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting Rob and his boundless enthusiasm, you’re in for a treat. Rob is a self-described ‘dude making a difference’: an activist, environmentalist and all-around legend. I love that Rob shares his story so honestly and in a very relatable way – he was just an average guy who had a wake up call, and he talks about what his catalyst for change was, how he started to make changes, having the realisation that you can’t make enormous changes overnight and more. (I also can’t wait to see how Rob goes with his current project – growing or foraging 100% of his food for a whole year. Listen in for more details on the how and the why of such a big undertaking.)


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