How slow living can save you… in a zombie apocalypse

via Zombie Victory Gardens
via Zombie Victory Gardens

Let me start by saying that this is an… unusual episode.

A slot unexpectedly opened up in our publishing schedule early this week and rather than scrambling to fill it, Ben and I decided to take the opportunity to go a little deeper on a topic that has (somewhat unexpectedly) resonated with a lot of people.

In last week’s hostful, we answered some excellent listener questions about birthday presents, advice for our 20-year-old selves, and how we manage to balance home duties while also working from home. But the question that got the most feedback was one about zombies.

Ben and I are massive fans of The Walking Dead so having an opportunity to briefly discuss our chances of survival in a post-apocalyptic zombie-filled world was super fun. Possibly even more fun was working out what our weapons would be – a golf club for Ben (natch) and long-handled secateurs for me (gardening forever!) – and what our fate might actually look like.

But it also got us thinking about the different ways slow living could actually impact our ability to survive (and perhaps even thrive?) in the apocalypse, and in a discussion over on Facebook earlier this week, a lot of people weighed in on the question:

“What is it about slow living that would prepare you for a zombie apocalypse?”

So here it is – a possibly-slightly-ridiculous but-very-well-researched episode that addresses the incredibly serious issue of how slow living could save your life if ever you find yourself living through a zombie apocalypse.

Enjoy! (And rest assured, it will be back to regular slow living talk – with an emphasis on the living – next episode.)


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3 Responses to How slow living can save you… in a zombie apocalypse

  1. Hi Brooke! I was a massive fan of your blog and then podcast. I started following you when I saw you and your family on The Feed SBS, no idea when that was. I listened to episodes 1 to about 60 then totally fell off the bandwagon when I got pregnant and had a baby, but I’m back on now. Yay!
    The Zombie Apocalypse episode was a bit of an interesting podcast to start it off again. I hate Zombie movies… they are so scary I have to close my eyes. I am a wuss. But slow living makes you more sustainable and you need a sustainable life to survive an apocalypse so I get it.
    I’m really looking forward to your Slow Fashion podcast coming up, I saw on facebook you posted about your interview with Fashion Revolution. Sounds great.

  2. I love this episode! Firstly, the laughter between you both is infectious, it’s so warming to listening to you both talking together. In addition, during and after watching episodes of walking dead, I to have thought about my fate in a post apocalyptic world. For me, I love how money becomes obsolete. How much time have we all spent thinking about spending, saving, earning it, etc…then to have none of it, and it not even matter. To be resourceful, this is a big one for me. I love making things and using what I have to make other things…mostly because then I don’t have to go out and buy anything. I could talk about this more but I’ll just thank you both again. Cheers guys!

  3. I was listening to this on my way to work this morning, and had a good laugh, but also was keenly aware of our current bushfire situation, and the resilience needed to deal with evacuation, the (potential) loss of one’s safe haven and the aftermath.
    So whilst we are not currently under threat of a zombie apocalypse, a raging firestorm is no less frightening and simple living certainly aids us in dealing with it.

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