How to get back on the slow living wagon

Can simplicity and creativity exist together? The Slow Home Podcast

Yes, it’s the most wonderful time of the…month. It’s hostful pogpast time! (As an aside, I really love that we’ve developed a weird show language over the past couple of years, but sometimes wonder what people who are new to the podcast might think when they see us talking about poggies and knowledge nugs!)

Anyway, as is now customary, we answer some incredibly insightful and wide-ranging listener queries in today’s hostful, that cover questions like:

    • How do you view the relationship between creativity and stuff? That is, how does simplifying impact a creative person’s ability or desire to surround themselves with beautiful, inspirational things?
    • What’s your plan of action when you fall off the slow living wagon? (This is very timely for us but also lots of others feeling the pinch of a busy end of year period).
    • Much of the advice on minimalism forums centres on simply ‘getting rid of excess’ or throwing it in the bin. What can we do with our unwanted items before the last resort of throwing them away, and how can we begin to educate others on the different options available to us?
  • How can I get back to living in alignment with my why when I’m tired or completely unmotivated?

See? You guys ask the best questions.

Buyerarchy of Needs by Sarah Lazarovic

We talk about a pyramid of decluttering in this episode that borrows from Bea Johnson’s 5 Rs, as well as this amazing illustration from Sarah at Long Live Irony. How awesome is it?! Head over to her site for more inspiration, and also take a peek at her delightful book too – A Bunch of Pretty Things I Did Not Buy.

We’ve got another couple of Thursday shows before things wrap up for our Christmas/New Year break, including a fun ‘year in review’ style episode where we look back at the experiments we completed this year, what’s stuck, what’s fallen away, what we loved and what we didn’t (family journalling, I’m still looking at you). We’ll also talk about the changes we’re making to the poggie next year, as well as some more personal realisations and challenges of 2016.

We’re already planning for a cracking 2017, so if you’ve got questions you’d like us to answer in our first hostful of next year, let us know! We’re all ears!

In the meantime, enjoy today’s show!


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