Getting Off the Wheel with Caro Ryan

Getting Off the Wheel with Caro Ryan - Episode 128 of The Slow Home Podcast

So often in my life I’ve felt like I simply didn’t have a choice. I didn’t have a choice in how to react, or what I said. I didn’t have a choice in the work I did or where I lived. I’d been sold the story for years that this was me, this was my lot in life, this is what people like me did once they grew up, and I’d forgotten that there is another way. And what’s more, there’s usually more than just one other way.

In today’s episode – the last non-hostful conversation of the year – I have the absolute pleasure of chatting with Caro Ryan, whose story is an amazing reminder that there is always choice and always another way, we just need to be ready to see it.

Having recently moved from a hectic, fast-paced life in Sydney to a much more intentionally paced life in the Blue Mountains (locals unite! Yay!) Caro talks about the catalyst for change and why getting her hands dirty and growing some veggies was one of the most important changes she’s ever made.

We also talk about the challenges she faced as she decided to make the move to the mountains, as well as the benefits and confidence that have come from becoming part of a new community.

The other part of our conversation is centred on Caro’s big passion of bushwalking, and we talk at length about learning to love and treasure something (in this case, nature) by spending time immersed in it. As an avid multi-day hiker Caro also talks about the mental health benefits of bushwalking and why one of her favourite things to do is go off-trail and walk in silence.

This is such an exciting, positive episode. Enjoy!


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