The Mike Campbell Take-Over

Tim Swaan

Today’s episode is a little different. It’s hosted not by me, and it’s not hosted by Ben either. It’s hosted by our mate Mike Campbell from Live Immediately, and in a strange turn of events, he interviews me!

It’s pretty rare that you hear me being interviewed these days, particularly by someone who delights in diving deep like Mike, so when he asked me to be a guest on Live Immediately I thought it might be a great opportunity to flip the script and publish an episode where I’m not the one asking questions.

Mike and I have a fantastic conversation about life at the moment, and how I’m finding the wobbly balance between the busy-ness of launching a book and the importance of maintaining a slower pace of life over all. I also talk about the messy and imperfect process of learning to be emotionally available, why it was so stunningly uncomfortable to do so, and the impact on my relationships, my self-worth and the direction my life has taken since.

We talk about softening in to the unknown, and the importance of allowing ourselves time to come to decisions. Mike also talks about some big possibilities he and Inga are weighing up at the moment as well as his (very sensible) approach to making those big decisions. That is, once a choice has been made, it’s made, but until then it’s OK to not know. It’s OK to revisit and marinate in the possibilities because that’s a necessary part of the process.

We chat about our upcoming Newcastle event on September 27 (details here) and I’m excited to talk some more about our travel plans for 2018 (Mike and Inga were a huge influence on us taking the plunge in 2018). We look at the logistics, the planning and the not planning!

It’s a deep and heart-felt conversation and I loved every second of it. I hope you do too!


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