What’s the best part of slow living?

What's the best thing about slow living? SHP032

Before I get into this week, can I tell you how chuffed I am that ‘pogpast’ is a thing? It makes me happy and so grateful for the amazing community of people who listen to us each week and allow us a degree of self-interested rambling. We love you guys and love that you enjoy the show. Thanks so much for being awesome.

This week it’s another hostful, where we do our best to answer some listener questions. Ben even sings a bit. It’s a beautiful thing.

Fortunately, this was our first time recording with a two-mic set up (we’re so professional) so Ben’s mic is a little quiet. We’ve done our best to shift the levels around and it should be fine but if things sound a little different, that’s why.

We spend this week’s episode answering a handful of great questions straight from you, including:

    • How can I find support and guidance in my local area, particularly from those looking to live a similarly slow, simple life?
    • Can you give us an insight into your daily life?
    • Any tips for the upcoming holidays, especially the social engagements with friends and colleagues?
    • Can you suggest some other podcasts in a similar vein to the Slow Home Podcast?
  • What’s been the biggest advantage or most rewarding aspect of slow living?

It’s a great group of questions and I think we do a good job of giving you the answers, amidst the singing and general silliness.



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Things to Check Out After Today’s Episode:

    • a simple year – 12-months of guided learning in how to live a simpler, slower life

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8 Responses to What’s the best part of slow living?

  1. Thank you for sharing this podcast! It was great to hear about what your day-to-day life looks like, and what other similar podcasts are out there. :) Cheers!

  2. Hi,

    Where can I find the show notes with the podcasts you recommended at the end?

    I’ve also been over to check out the Simple Year program as it sounds really interesting, I was ready to sign up but didn’t realise at first that the price was USD so wonder if that could be updated on the main page perhaps so it is clear?

    Another great podcast Brooke and Ben!

  3. Great podcast Brooke & Ben!
    I have a couple of questions following this podcast:

    1. You mentioned that there are slow living groups in Calgary & Edmonton – in addition to the minimalists groups. I live in Calgary, and could not find them through Google. Would you provide us with links to those groups?

    2. How does Ben manage to live a simple life when he commutes to work 1.5 hours each way? I found the biggest barrier to a slow, lower anxiety and “happier” life was achieved by moving closer to my husband’s and my workplaces. We went from a 45 min commute by car to a 10 min commute by bike or transit (I run or walk sometimes…listening to your podcast..20-30min). Our lives are so much more laid back and slow, and we have so much more time with our kids during the day. I couldn’t imagine how frazzled I’d be with Ben’s commute times. How does he do it?

  4. Hey Brooke and Ben I’ve been listening to you since Episode ! and it has been perfect timing with a tipping point in my and my whanau/family life. Love your cute relationship too. i always love hearing about your guest’s day to day life and routines daily or weekly. Also how they run their lives. practical stuff. Thats why I enjoyed Cait and her real life ideas.Really love the way you are introducing such a holistic approach to life thank you xxx Liz

  5. Love the podcasts. I too am getting to the end of all of them and thought that your list of other similar podcasts would be here as I didn’t note them down while I was listening (preoccupied with driving a car). I may just have not looked close enough but could you list them please? Thanks