Mindful eating with Ali Wright – SHP039

Mindful eating with Ali Wright - SHP039

Have you ever found yourself eating your way through a block of chocolate, despite the fact you stopped enjoying it a while ago? Or ordered a big plate of hot chips even though you know you’ll feel bloated and heavy and low on energy in thirty minutes?

So why do we do it? Why do we repeatedly eat food that we know will leave us feeling depleted?

That’s what I unpack today with my guest, Ali Wright, a nutritionist who turned her own health around after reaching a crisis point just a few years ago.

What I love most about this chat is it’s not about dieting or following a certain food trend, and it’s certainly not about deprivation. Instead, Ali and I talk about the idea of ‘crowding out’ foods that don’t benefit us, with more of the foods that do.

The focus is also not on weight loss or fitting some arbitrary vision of health and wellness, but rather on eating well to be well. Refreshing, right?

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did! 


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4 Responses to Mindful eating with Ali Wright – SHP039

  1. Oh this pod cast is just so relevant to me you have no idea. I have been working on a program for church called “mama bake” to teach young or Mums would like to learn basic cooking skills, budgeting, seasonal information where we cook together, build community and send them home with simple nourishing meals to lighten their load.

    We recently went through the bushfires in SA, moved, are renovating a 100yr old plus cottage with our family of 5 and trying to live a simple and intentional life.

    Our diet and simple eating food goals have taken a beating the last couple of months due to life being utterly crazy. This pod cast has really helped me focus and reminded me of the fact its simple to reform our diet, we have done it before, one small, doable change.

    Today? Tea instead of coffee with breakfast, and actually eating breakfast with the kids!

    Thanks guys! Your awesome!


  2. Hi Brooke I’ve been listening to your podcast for a while but something about this episode really spoke to me. I love the idea of crowding out the bad habits (of which I have plenty) with the good. I can think of two simple things straight away that would help me feel better, and hopefully lead onto even more positive things. Life seems tough at the moment but i can listen to you and feel calmer and better prepared even if I haven’t made any changes yet! Merry Christmas from a chilly London.