No Sugar #2

No Sugar #2 - Episode 45 of The Slow Home Podcast (I got in trouble for pairing my first No Sugar post with a picture of jelly doughnuts, so here is a much more appropriate picture of a big-ass chocolate sundae. Enjoy!)

We’re a week in to our first Slow Home Experiment now and (thankfully!) over the worst of the sugar hangover we were experiencing last week. But how are we feeling? What are we missing? What are we enjoying? What’s surprised us so far?

In this fairly relaxed episode (we were quite literally laying down) Ben and I chat about our recent bout of illness and whether we think it was related to giving up sugar, our thoughts after watching That Sugar Film and The Great Vodka Debate of 2016.

We both feel like we’ve broken the back of this challenge after the first week, and things are definitely starting to feel easier. I’m certainly eating in a much more mindful way and am far more aware of my tendency to procrasti-snack (it’s a real thing).

I’d highly recommend you watch That Sugar Film if you haven’t already, and if you’re struggling to stick to the experiment or a similar lifestyle shift, I’d also recommend you check out my interview with Gretchen Rubin from last week. She goes deep into our tendencies and why some people find it easier to stick to new habits, and how to embrace your personality traits and use them to stick to your positive life changes.



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7 Responses to No Sugar #2

  1. We have been sugar free since the start of the year and yep the first week was the hardest but I have been doing some baking with dextrose and now I do not even look for that sweet treat in the afternoon or after dinner. I also find it easy to say no to the offer of sweets. It is rare that we eat out and we eat only a little processed food. Treats are more likely to be good cheese or a handful of chips. But you have to read all the labels as it is hidden everywhere.

    • It’s amazing to see how much our tastebuds have changed in such a short period of time too Fiona! And I’m only just realising how many ‘savoury’ products we used to eat are actually full of sugar. I honestly thought we were fairly aware before the experiment, but now I’m seeing the hidden stuff everywhere!

  2. Another excellent podcast!! I have taken up my own experiment of walking. I probably told you this in another comment (have I worn out my welcome for over commenting yet?) but my husband (Ben) and I have 7 children so we take turns walking. I walk every second day and on the other day he….forgets to walk haha! I am thinking of taking over his day too! I LOVE your longer podcasts because they go for my whole walk but even 24 minutes is great! My husband has quit drinking Pepsi and he is on day 3 and SUFFERING oh he is suffering! I feel bad for his suffering but stopping his drinking of Pepsi…..that’s massive! He is a MASSIVE sugar addict but isn’t willing to quit it all (he greatly dislikes when people are ‘extreme’ with whatever their pet topic is). Keep up the good work guys and I look forward to more 51 minute podcasts :) p.s I have been listening to straight and curly and let it be too! Good stuff all round!

  3. First, am thrilled to have 2 episodes per week. I am not ready to go 100% sugar free. My diet is already complicated by the fact I can’t eat gluten, soy, or very much dairy. Add to this I work in a nut and sesame free zone, finding food I like is hard enough! But your challenge has made me slowly start to reduce my sugar. I am giving up alcohol for a month. I am cutting my fruit back to a banana a day (without that I get horrible charlie horses and prefer the banana to the supplements), a handful of berries and one other piece of fruit. I am fighting the urge to drink hot chocolate (that is hard living in Canada in the winter). I don’t eat much processed food because of the gluten (maybe a piece of toast a week, a few crackers, and pasta once every week or so). Thank you for inspiring me to at least think about the sugar I am eating. You guys rock!

  4. Wow, well I just listened to both your sugar podcasts and watched That Sugar Film…. yikes. I’m currently eating better than the standard American diet but I have SO MUCH more to improve! This all has inspired me though. I am going to start with healthier switches, start cutting out & replacing sugary items. For me a big challenge is breakfast. I struggle to eat it, but require it to function, and the thing I have found that works is cereal and a small fruit smoothie. However I usually find that around 10 I get a big slump and am ready for second breakfast. I’m going to try and greenify my smoothie, take out a bit of the fruit, add some protein boosts and work on making oatmeal more regularly. Thanks for the inspiration! Examples of your go to (sugar free) meals would be great to hear in a future episode!

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