Does slow living have a branding problem? With James Wallman

Does slow living have a branding problem? With James Wallman

James Wallman is an ex-adman and trend forecaster – which doesn’t necessarily sound like my typical guest – but when you learn he is also the author of Stuffocation and the person who coined the phrase ‘experientialism’ it starts to make a lot of sense.

This conversation was a really interesting one – much more of a true conversation than an interview – as I found James asking me as many questions as I did of him!

We talk about minimalism’s branding issue and why he thinks that experientialism is the way to make a life of less, more appealing to the mainstream. We also look at the overwhelming number of choices we face each day and why experiences will almost always trump stuff.

James also had some ridiculously straightforward advice for me when I tell him I sometimes just feel so damn defeated by the rampant consumerism happening across the globe.

I loved this conversation and have found myself thinking a lot about how we discuss the idea of simple or slow living, and I think James is right – we might have a branding problem! What do you think? 


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6 Responses to Does slow living have a branding problem? With James Wallman

  1. Can I just say you two (Brooke and Ben) crack
    me up every time! Monday and Thursday morning commutes are the best!

  2. Hi There, have you read chapter one by Daniel Flynn, please do, it will restore you faith in humanity and not feel defeated by consumerism. You can buy it as an eBook but i would definitely recommend the hard copy, I promptly passed it on for someone else to enjoy when I finished. Thankyou for all you do for me. x Jane

  3. I absolutely loved this episode Brooke, such a fresh perspective on minimalism and I love the concept of experientialism, so much to contemplate! Oh, and what a pleasure it is to hear a British voice :-).

    Just in case you see this James Wallman, having contemplated what you had to say I thought your book would make a great choice for my next audible credit, but you’re not on there! I would love love love an audio version of Stuffocation read by you if that’s on the cards.

  4. Hi Brooke,
    Like Grace I just wanted to reach out and say how much I enjoyed this episode. Even though I’m only just beginning my own journey towards a more intentional life, you expressed some of the same fears I’d been carrying as well. I found James’ direct response (e.g. humans will work it all out and not to worry, it appears we are at peak stuff) strangely reassuring.
    I’ve been following your podcast from the very first episode. I love the interviews because it brings such a diversity of people to the one place for me to learn from and be inspired by, or perhaps even challenged. Mainly, I’ve been reflecting up until this point and slowly but slowly, my views on life and what is truly most important have changed.
    And!… I’m now at the point where I’m ready to start transforming my life (and hopefully my family’s too) for the better. I’m really excited about the journey ahead and just know that it will bring a richer, deeper quality of life than continuing to follow the rat-race and race to ‘keep up with the Jones’.
    So thank you for bringing together such a fabulous resource, which has now inspired me to start my own journey! It’s changing my life for the better. :)

    • I loved this episode too Emma! And James’ responses were super reassuring weren’t they? Good luck on your own journey – it’s such a rewarding process. x