We go deep.

We go deep - Episode 60 of The Slow Home Podcast (This is totally not my photo – it’s from Unsplash – but man, I’d love to see one of these beauties on this trip. From a safe distance, of course.) Hello, from the lovely town of Canmore in Canada! (Actually, we recorded this the day before we flew out, but time travel is such a trip isn’t it?) In today’s episode Ben and I answer some super tricky listener questions about the deeper issues of choosing to live a slower, more intentional life and, to be honest, we got a little stumped in answering them! They include questions about:
  • Planning for the future vs living in the moment
  • How to minimise time spent talking on the phone, as it impedes our attempts to live a simpler, more present life
  • How simplifying life has impacted our relationships
  • How to balance work, family and down-time, particularly with a new job
  • What can we do to reconcile our work lives with our values, or how to overcome the discrepancy from one to the other.
These are some serious questions and we loved the opportunity to dig in to them, but as always would love to know what you think. Feel free to leave a comment and share your thoughts about some of these issues. As we mentioned in last week’s show, we’re in Canada for the next month, taking a working holiday. We won’t be spending as much time online, and as a result will be slower to respond to emails and social media comments. 

We will be posting about our newest Slow Home Experiment though, including some sneak peeks into our family journal, as well as some epic Canadian landscape. So be sure to follow along on Instagram. In the meantime though, enjoy the pogpast!


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11 Responses to We go deep.

  1. I am a big fan of your podcast but found this one hard to listen to. It kept going quiet in the middle of sentences, I think when you were tending to your kids, and I thought you were going to get into an argument at one point. Sounds like you needed this vacation!

  2. Yep – sounds unedited to me. That’s one way of “keepin it real” .
    Enjoy your holiday guys, look forward to hearing about your adventures!

  3. oooh! Our friends Blue and Deb own an ice cream bus in Canmore. I am not sure if it is open for the season yet, but they are amazing, and I have been told so is the ice cream.

  4. I love the nugget you shared about considering each of the five senses to keep you grounded. I will surely do that. Also I like these deep questions and that there are no answers just worth discussing.
    Thanks for your wisdom.

  5. Loved the pogpast as usual. Thanks for answering my question about relationships. :)
    I love the deep discussions, as they are not widely covered and I value both of your insights highly. Thank you! x

  6. I’d say “Planning for the future vs living in the moment” was the hardest question to answer. It’s like being torn between two lovers, but and that only one will only prevail. It just depends on what you choose. :)

  7. I wanted to let you know that this is the very first episode I have ever listened to of your podcast…(the unedited version), and I really enjoyed it! I’m back for more and can’t wait to listen to more episodes!

  8. Hey Brooke! Love that bear, Grouse Mountain in Vancouver, Canada has a few that can be seen up close, you should definitely check it out sometime! Love what you’re doing, so inspiring, keep up the amazing work!

  9. Thanks for sharing. Regards winding up a conversation I had the same problem until I saw my then 16 year old son at a party say to someone “It was lovely talking with you ” touch them lightly on the arm, smile and then walk away. I’ve employed the same technique ever since!