How to Combine Simple Living and Kids with Rachel Jonat

How to combine kids and simple living with Rachel Jonat - The Slow Home Podcast Rachel Jonat is back for her second visit to the pogpast and, as always, it’s such a delight to chat. Last we spoke, Rachel and her family had recently moved back to Vancouver from the Isle of Man and were finding their feet and discovering what it meant to keep a slow and simple pace in a busy city. Today we talk about the move, and the unintentional decluttering that came when a lot of their possessions were ruined in transit. I’ve found myself thinking about our first conversation a lot over the past 12 months as it really got me thinking about the slow benefits of living in an urban area. I love having a backyard and plenty of space but I’d be lying if I wasn’t curious about apartment living and having less maintenance to do. (That part particularly appeals to the lazy person in me!) Factor in the public transport, parks, museums, concerts, events, a wide choice of coffee shops and it sounds very appealing indeed… Rachel and I also talk about her new book and what it looks like to live a minimalist life with three young boys – particularly the baby years. We talk about creating a home that’s flexible enough to change as your family grows, and I decide that we should house-swap very very soon – whether Rachel actually wants to or not. Enjoy!


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