Does slow living rob us of ambition?

Welcome to Season 4 of the poggie!

As we spoke about in the sneak peek episode a couple of weeks ago, this season sees a pretty significant shake-up to the podcast format and I can’t wait to dive in to it with you.

We start with a question from Kate, who wants to know whether slow living and some of its adjacent elements – mindfulness, self-care, noticing, increased peace and patience – can actually rob us of ambition.

Kate is an author (an exceptionally brilliant author – you’ve probably heard me sing the praises of her debut novel Skylarking on the podcast before) who also has a passion for teaching and podcasting. Kate fears that if she slows down enough to focus solely on her writing, she’d be robbing herself of the opportunity to not only do some of the things that fill her up, but also to live on the ‘edges of life’, where so many of the highs and lows are experienced and, as a result, seeds of ideas for her books are harvested.

Can I tell you – recording this episode was such a treat for me. Not only did I get to have a conversation with the author of one of my favourite books of the past few years (I think about the characters and setting of Skylarking a LOT), but we also get to go deep in to fear, mental health, the importance of looking at our intentions when taking (or not taking) certain actions, and the stories we tell ourselves about pain and discomfort and creativity. It’s a great conversation and I can’t wait for you to hear it.

The second half of the episode features a chat with the delightful Tsh Oxenreider – who is also an author, teacher, podcaster and wearer of many and varied hats, just like Kate. Tsh and I discuss Kate’s questions and the constant recalibration of life’s priorities and joys, and we also talk about the important process of getting to know oneself – why we do things, why we struggle with other things, what our strengths and weaknesses and preferences are.

I’m so glad to be back in the podcasting seat, and hope you enjoy this episode as a taster of things to come this season.

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