When slow becomes fast and no is hard to say

Today we have another wonderful listener conversation for you (I can’t believe we’re more than halfway through this season already!) and it features the delightfully intentional Sara.

Sara has found herself in a place many of us can relate to: she has gradually reduced the commitments in her life in order to do more of what lights her up but has found other requests and demands on her time sneaking in and is finding it difficult to create boundaries and say no.

We talk a lot about values and how service is one of the major motivations in Sara’s life, and why that might be creating tension as she looks to spend more time focusing on other areas of life.

Sara is trying to transition to retirement and is finding it difficult to recalibrate her values so we also look at how she might create some boundaries around her value of service in order to hold space for other parts of her life that are equally important.

We also talk about the role of ego in our desire to say yes and feel needed, as well as the feelings of guilt that arise when Sara – who has always put service of others ahead of her own needs – chooses to create and honour boundaries around her time, energy and other values.

I’m then joined by Cark Honore, who talks about our innate desire to feel relevant as we get older, and how to move through the fear of losing our identity when letting go of work, relationships or activities that used to help define us. We also have an interesting discussion on the trajectory of slow living and how it’s come to reflect different things now that it’s a mainstream idea.

If you’ve ever found yourself questioning how to establish stronger boundaries or how to more evenly weight the scales across all your values, this is a really thoughtful conversation. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you’ll feel all kinds of inspired listening to Sara talk about the work she does and the many different ways she serves her community. She’s an absolute gem.


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